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  • TeeceezyTeeceezy Staff Posts: 3,580
    The gifts you give can be e.g. Gas, Supplies, Equipment etc. @shabba
  • TeeceezyTeeceezy Staff Posts: 3,580
    PSA: We're going back in to maintenance to fix some issues we identified thanks to your help. We'll be back soon.

  • AysatyoPetAysatyoPet Member Posts: 1,168
    i would suggest a maintenance break again, but you already said it @Teeceezy .. hope major bugs get dealt with right away..

  • shabbashabba Member Posts: 452
    higher outpost gives more and bigger maps
    what does a higher lvl pit do? yeah i know i just did outpost to 3 instead of doing pit to lvl 2 first
  • shabbashabba Member Posts: 452
    glowing endzone is nice
  • hottexashottexas Member Posts: 144
    I really like the endzone. The aiming/targeting feels much improved.
  • NotYourLunchNotYourLunch Member Posts: 40
    Along with the other issues, I doubt I'll be able to handle even better lag and more frequent relogins. Do 3 things, booted out, relog into game, rinse, repeat
  • shabbashabba Member Posts: 452
    Teeceezy said:

    Thanks for flagging these @drinky @NoggerJippel

    @shabba no, it costs 200 Gold and the gifts are sent to every member of your guild.

    i gave the gift, but it cost me the full 400 :p
  • n1konn1kon Member Posts: 70
    edited March 2016
    Far to many bugs ;)
  • shabbashabba Member Posts: 452
    oh, the 400 gold is what it costs me to give a gift to every member, i don't give away gold, now i get it.
    Damn, wast of 400 gold then if i just give a golden ticket to everyone....
  • xcitexcite Member Posts: 11
    Can't upate on play store ... says installing then gets the update button up again
  • Hittenyouoff2Hittenyouoff2 Member Posts: 226
    Can u die like deadly with outposts?
  • NecroboogieNecroboogie Member Posts: 1,108
    Lol glad I didn't hit the gift button, gotta expect some delays with an update, and I won't say what a lot of us "beta testers" are thinking...
  • Cherokee_RoseCherokee_Rose NML Moderator Posts: 795
  • ClaireObrienClaireObrien Member Posts: 47
    If you don't create your outpost, as in choosing your layout does that mean you won't get attacked until you have it set up?
  • ishish Member Posts: 72
    Correct me if im wrong.
    3/4 day challenges with no break is kind of tough for gas. On top of that you need 5 gas for every raid. In beta you could buy xp or tomatoes for trade goods so guild rewards and raiding could be kind of farming itself. But now you cant buy it for trade goods so on top of challenges and raids you need gas for farming. And upgrading lvl 17 gear to 20 will be +2mil xp

    Of course you can get everything instantly. Now where did i put that credit card...
    - ish
  • shabbashabba Member Posts: 452
    its going to be a slow upgrade, still think farms should yield more at higher lvl's instead of less.
    [Deleted User]ggbats
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
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    @Teeceezy Still gas is deducted when you click raid but ppl is online.
    Anyway why we can't attack when ppl is online? It makes no sense. Everything is controlled by AI.
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  • CamillaCamilla Member Posts: 7
    I really think that it is a problem that this also costs gas! I thougt this would be something to do in the long time were you are waiting for gas!
  • shabbashabba Member Posts: 452
    yeah, i just lost my 10 trade goods and some fuel to try and attack.
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    Now raid cost 1 gas for me. It always will cost 1? If yes then ok for me.. If not then WTF
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  • IslandIsland Member Posts: 1
    Not cool to spend create and gas to find out there was an error and you lose it without getting to attack an outpost. No attack no loss of gas or creates. Make it right!
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    ....NO MATCH FOUND... but of course TG deducted :/
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  • UmfUmf Member Posts: 43
    I find a raid, I choose to attack, he went online, an error message that something is going wrong, the game is restarted, meanwhile I was raided....all this in 5 seconds. And guess, I lost gas, trade goods and badge points.
  • TekkenshiftTekkenshift Member Posts: 51
    Look what I got
  • JAGJAG Member Posts: 291
    @Tekkenshift given the low number of outposts configured this early, I'm not surprised.

    Is maintenance mode officially over now @Teeceezy ?

    @Amiga tradegoods deducted for a failing raid? or you mean gas?

    @umf I was under the impression that if user is logged in should not matter any more. Did it say that or you guessing? Did it say why you lost XP?
  • Cherokee_RoseCherokee_Rose NML Moderator Posts: 795
    Trade goods being deducted with no match found
  • shAdshAd Member Posts: 268
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    Same problems with gas and TG if no enemy was found. And my game crashes very often now (only in the outpost feature, every few clicks). Iam using a nexus 7 (2013) with android 6.0.1.

    Edit: 6 tries. Everytime player came online... Thats silly. Think its bugged like hell. Damn.
    Edit2: with try 8 i got to the loading screen of a raid. Then: "something went wrong"....
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  • NoggerJippelNoggerJippel Member Posts: 26
    same here spend 1 gas and 10 trade goods for RAID. payer online, gas and tg lost
  • MirriNekoMirriNeko Member Posts: 28
    So why it says 400g to me if I want to send gift??
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