Can't turn off Directed Ads.

ErmonDaxErmonDax Member Posts: 25
On my tablet I turned off Directed Ads with no problem. but on my Galaxy S9 phone, if I turn off Directed Ads and then try to watch an ad it asks if I want to allow directed ads. Then it says "If you choose no, viewing the rewarded ads will be disabled." The problem is there is no "No" option, only Yes and Cancel. If I pick Cancel I just get the same message every time I try to watch an ad. The only way I can watch the ad is to choose Yes.

Any solutions to this?


  • ErmonDaxErmonDax Member Posts: 25
    I take it back. Apparently I have the same problem on my tablet (2017 Kindle Fire 10.2). I just *thought* I had Targeted Ads turned off.
  • zbotzbot Legendary Moderator Posts: 6,450
    @ErmonDax you can only watch ads if you turn on the targeted ads. It's either targeted ads or no ads.
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