New Heroes and Classes Ideas! :)

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Hi guys!
I was thinking on which characters we could have in the game and which ones could even introduce new possible classes in the game.
It Always depends on the License and if the AMC has a contract with these actors for the game so they can be included or not but in case that it is so or in case they could introduce such classes with others that could be in the game in the future I thought I'll share. :)
Here we go!
Class = Scrapper
Heroes = Jadis (Anne), Enid
Weapons = Pistol & Knife (double wield)
Not possible to use both in one round so you will Always have to decide depending on the Situation.
Balance Restrictions
- you can use EITHER the knife OR the pistol in one round.
- These heroes have a lower damage and crit potential then a shooter or a scout to Prevent them from being overpowered or make them make scouts and shooters useless in the process.

Leader Trait Jadis(Anne): Increased drop of Fragment components by 20%, increased possibility of dropping higher Quality Fragments by 15%
Leader Trait Enid: Supporter, when a teammate attacks an enemy that is within Enids knife or pistol range, she has a 20% possibility to support by attacking the same target as an extra attack (even if she already used her round), she also reduces the possibility of criticals received from all Sources by 10%.

Class = Archer/Sniper
Hero = Dianne
Weapon = Bow
Leader Trait Dianne : Increases the attack range of ranged weapons in the team by 5%, Increases the Damage or ranged teammates by 5%

Class = Medic
Hero = Siddiq
Weapon = (Double wield) Med Kit and Syringe (or hammer or small one hand saw)
Skills based on the med kit
- Regeneration (healing for a certain amount Overtime)
It heals only for around 5 Health Points per round for a Overall of 30 Points Overtime
- Patch Up
When a teammate is bleeding siddig or a medic with a med kit can stop the bleeding by sacrificing it's round instead of the injured teammate.
This gives the injured the opportunity to attack while it's wound get's patched up by the medic instead of having to do it him-/herself.
Balance Restrictions
If a teammate received a Regeneration another Regeneration can't be applied for the same match.
The regeneration stops when a survivor gets hit again
Direct healing is not possible!

Leader Trait Siddig: Gives the teammates a 10% possibility of receiving 2 to 5 Health Points back after they made a critical shot/strike against a Special walker or freeman and a 10% increased possibility for the Team to receive reduced Damage received that was received by a Special walker or freemen attack

Class = Specialist
Hero = Cyndie (from the Oceanside)
Weapons = Molotov, Grenades, Dynamite
- Molotov makes Walkers, Special Walkers, freemen burn for 2 rounds losing Health Points
- Grenades hit all Walkers, Special Walkers and freemen within their radius without hurting the teammates within the Impact Zone of the grenade
- Dynamite can be placed on a walker, Special walker, freeman or just on a spot on the map. It will detonate automatically at the start of the Players next round and will hurt everyone within ist Impact Zone.
- When Cyndie places a Dynamite she gets a extra move turn so she can bring herself in safety and out of the Impacts radius

Leader Trait Cyndie = has a possibility of 10% to drop a molotov against Special Walkers and Freemen when they attack one of her teammates and a 15% increased possibility for her Team to dodge a Special walker or freemen attack

Hope you guys like them! :)



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