Summer special!

Hey guys,
I’m pretty stoked about the fact that the things offered in the Summer special are things that we have been asking for. Thanks for listening to those of us who are so invested in this game, it really is an awesome feeling and shows that you care about what we want.
Big shoot out to all those involved in making this happen. I don’t know about the others but I think it’s pretty awesome and I THANK YOU ALL!


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    That’s so stinking cool! Love it!
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    Absolutely agree with you! 👍🏼
  • RowensRowens Member Posts: 37
    Thanks everyone!
    Well NG, there are at least 14 so far that agree with me so kudos to you guys working hard behind the scenes trying to keep everyone happy. I can only imagine 🤨.
    Thank you fellow members for your likes and agree’s,... you added sunshine to my days. 😎
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    Just out of interest why are there 100 assault tokens in the rewards when everything else is hunter? Also wouldn't that have been a nice place to put an epic version of the RPG as most people's green one is going to get autoscrapped?
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    I’m sure I’m missing something Firekid, did u read somewhere about the autoscrapping of the green RPG? Just wondering and wanting to stay on top of things. I wish more folks would come here and find out the things they need to know.
    Now I’m curios as well.
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    ShadowAce, that was cool. 👍🏼
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    Rowens said:

    I’m sure I’m missing something Firekid, did u read somewhere about the autoscrapping of the green RPG?
    Now I’m curios as well.

    How does Auto-Scrap work?

    Be careful, your Workshop only has a limited amount of space for your armor and weapons! It can hold up to 300 items. If you go over that amount, the Auto-Scrap feature will scrap your items down to 280 the next time you load up the game. Take care to scrap some of your unwanted equipment yourself if you notice your item count going too close to 300!

    The Auto-Scrap always starts from your most low-level items of the lowest rarity. You will also receive XP from any items scrapped this way.
    *However, nothing Epic or Legendary will get Auto-Scrapped.

    *Items that are equipped will not be scrapped.
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    @ShadowaceAz that's the one, cheers!
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