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    Firekid said:

    @Kaz that implies that there are exactly 3000 summer tokens to be gained and you have to get every one to get the leg RPG? I assume that's not the case?

    Who ever was Moaning that it should be scaled and everyone should be able to get all the rewards... why then even have the event? Just give everyone the prizes and be done with it? That sounds fun.

    Not sure anyone said that - but any scaling of rewards should be based on effort, not level/gear.
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    Patience is my second name.Im waiting with @JayZ
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    LOL, just trying to be one of the more positive forces these days, so don't want to be erroneously lumped in with the negative ;)
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    DBones said:

    LOL, just trying to be one of the more positive forces these days, so don't want to be erroneously lumped in with the negative ;)

    Amen to that! :lol:
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    Kwansa said:

    I can´t understand all these complaints. My survs are level 21 at the moment. So I am not a veteran player and maybe I will not reach the leg. RPG but I will collect a lot of summer tokens because I play a lot. And that will give me a lot of great rewards like Sasha tokens, radios and all the other stuff.

    Even if i could get the 3000 milestone and get the RPG after some month and leveling up my toons 1 or 2 level the weapon is just a "nice to have" but not very important for my gameplay anymore.

    So @NG - I like this Event and thanks for that.

    You WILL get all the tokens if you play a lot. Mine are level 21s apart from two survivors at 22. You're dilemma will be the same as mine - Will it be worth getting the training ground to catch up (in terms of camp buildings at least)?

    I'm likely to try out the rare RPG when I get it to help decide, and may well opt to farm supplies at some point based on experimentation with it.

    Edit: Removed text that was from draft of something I didn't post, yet strangely enough said anyway in this post.
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    JayZ said:

    Idea: why don’t we all wait till the end of this week and see how many tokens we can get in the first week? That will allow us to judge what pace we need to play at.

    I am completely torn with this one. Half of me agrees that it needs a full week to get a rough idea, but strangely more than half of me is impatient. Which is why I am torn on this.

    I'm doubting today and tomorrow will get me anything like what I got in the first 24 hours. I see a post earlier stating there's none between 500-1200 stars. I have to play hardcore to reach 1k anyway, so I know it really depends on The Distance and TG shop. But I can't see NG making it so regular players can't reach the target.
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    Last Stand BE have 4 places available for genuine GW players.

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    Kaz said:

    WahooDawg said:

    Sorry to ask again @Kaz but can you please tell us how we’ll be able to get the flaming crossbow this summer? Is it P2P only like the flare gun, etc.?

    For now, it'll be exclusive in the Bundle Shop. And sometime later we'll probably sell the epic version of it in the Trade Goods Shop like we've been doing with some special weapons.
    @Kaz can you give up any idea about when this bundle will show up? I'm fine with it being a bundle only item, but as the usual argument is, I want to get the most out of purchased equipment and am close to getting my survivors to l24 so it'd be nice to know how much time I have before it shows up. Thanks! And love this summer event!
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    Shut_Up said:

    We could have the ability to get all 3000 tokens in the first week and someone would find something to complain about.

    I think, the term "complaining" is used very excessively. Not every question or worry is a complain.

    This is pretty much a picture of society these days. Everything is painted just in black or white. Where are the 50 shades of grey, if you need them?
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    I am away for three weeks so wont make that total not really happy with the timing for me
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    I am away for three weeks so wont make that total not really happy with the timing for me

    What means away? WiFi is pretty much spreaded around the globe these days.

    Also...they announced it weeks before. Why did you book your flight to Andromeda if you knewed it?
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    I haven't seen any tokens in the trade goods shop, is something wrong?
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    Kaz said:

    Taking your case as an example, and based on how many summer tokens you can get without considering any events, player B won't be able to get the Legendary RPG without playing any The Distance missions. With events, they might get a chance. :)

    @Kaz So it's going to be relatively difficult to achieve 3000 tokens... what's being done to make sure that all of those who push during the 70 day event and get those 3k tokens will have a weapon that's worth using after the next council upgrade? With 70 days of earning tokens for a specific weapon, that weapon should be different than getting a weapon in the tg store (that we already know the traits of, since we already know the traits of the rpg) which gets scrapped after a council.
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    What is the dispersal on the distance. My characters are all on lvl 20 and we make it through normal almost unscathed, but generally only about half way through hard. Would it be better to complete normal or get through half of hard when trying for tokens?
  • nipularnipular Member Posts: 53
    Im close to getting my council to level 20 and then my characters up to level 21, and probably during the event. If i level up a hunter to 21 during the event will the rpg level up too or is it going to be level 20 forever?
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    DLich said:

    3000 summer tokens over 70 days is 43 tokens a day. Challenge is only 5 days a week; distance is 2

    I've been busting my butt these last few days trying to get the daily minimum and it's not working. I guess we'll have to wait and see how many tokens we can get from the distance. Hopefully, the RPG prize won't be limited only to those able to complete the hard distance and spend a lot of gold to repeat it.
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    DBones said:

    I'm pretty much in the same boat as @WellyLuga. I "expect" to get the RPG, based on how much I play, but I'm not really going to change the way I play for it (shouldn't even have to, I would presume). My inquiry was geared toward gaining information that could be helpful for how some people play and plan, I definitely was not complaining or suggesting any entitlement (I'm also not suggesting that anyone was suggesting that I was suggesting entitlement - just making clear that I wasn't :D:D ).

    Same here. I play a LOT. I haven't missed a single day since I started playing almost 2 years ago. I go as far as I can every challenge, I complete all quests every day, I scavenge, I complete season missions when available, I've completed all chapter missions.

    I really don't see any way I could achieve more in this game without spending real money. It would suck major if that's the only way to get the RPG.
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    I haven't seen any tokens in the challenge since the 16-set... I'm now at 354 stars and still no tokens in sight. Is this intended?
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