Survivor Ideas

Trying to keep things organized, I figure there should be a single master thread for this, in particular to decrease idea repetition.

Please either post new ideas for survivors here, or discuss existing ones.


  • RagnarokRagnarok Member Posts: 32
    Description: A specialist in bows.
    Inspiration: Daryl from TWD, and of course (apologies if I missed an earlier originator): Verbaub who brought this up on November 18th, plus AysatyoPet who on December 2nd suggested exploding ammo.
    Weapon: Bows or Crossbows. Medium ranged, but quiet as melee.
    Special attack (ideas): (1) Exploding ammo, which is effectively the bruiser special attack, but at a range (and possibly able to harm team members within said range); and of course attracting more walkers. Or (2) Point Blank Shot, targets a line of Walkers, and applies a damage multiplier which increases the closer they are (ideally pretty much one shotting an armored zombie if it's in the next square; but likely unable to kill a normal one at maximum range). As pointed out by various comic writers for Hawkeye, a bullet has way less stopping power at close range compared to an arrow. ... My personal opinion of these, is if the bow attacks only one target, the special is the point blank which can harm a line. However, if it normally hits a whole line, it has the exploding ammo instead for the special.
    Special Mechanics: (1) Silent ranged attack. (2) Still weak against armor.
  • RagnarokRagnarok Member Posts: 32
    Description: Prometheus stole fire from the gods as a gift for mankind, the Trapper/Grenadier believes in sharing this gift with zombies in the form of explosions! (these are admittedly two very closely related areas, listed in a single entry)
    Inspiration: WastelandDan's suggestion on December 2nd.
    Weapon: Melee, possible even the same weapons as the scout.
    Special attack (ideas): (1) Tripwire bomb: "Could even take something like two turns to set a trap," otherwise same as bruiser special stun. (2) Bear Trap, I know it's not the fire theme, but it could be neat being able to remove a walker's movement ability (why not try to trap the big walker, instead of fighting it?). (3) Grenade. Either handled as a ranged bruiser attack, or something a little more complex (see special mechanics 4-6 below).
    Special Mechanics: (1) shares base weapon as scout class? (2) ability to place movement activated trap? (3) ability to remove walker movement with trap? (4) Alternate explosive idea: Instead of just stun, it does a low damage knock-back attack. It knocks back everything surrounding it by two spaces, if unable to enter any of those spaces, it does extra damage (the walker hits a wall for example, there's a better chance of breaking that skull open); and possibly (5) the ability to aim grenade toss into empty squares, so as to free a movement path; and finally (6) a possible a 5% chance of applying a fire effect to each walker hit (yeah, it's an unpredictable attack).
  • RagnarokRagnarok Member Posts: 32
    Description: This mad-person actually changes through lines of zombies, as if they don't fear teeth.
    Inspiration: TWD Glenn escaping the prison, plus Viking special forces.
    Weapon: Polearms (glaives, poleaxes, halberds, naginata, etc), when not charging headfirst into the herd they like to keep some distance; therefore a melee attack which can strike over someone's shoulder (two spaces away, instead of one); particularly if the character design doesn't have good health/armor. OR duel-wield (a couple knifes, axes, etc), in which they strike twice but for less damage (see special mechanics 3).
    Special attack: Charge/Touchdown (any other name ideas?) they launch themselves charging through the line hitting everything. Of course an advantage of the special attack, would be increased movement options, and ability to get a melee to the other side a door to fight a Big Walker which has stunned and trapped one of your survivors, but at the risk of separating another member from the group.
    Special Mechanics: (1) Special ranged melee, which in the settings would probably be a copy of the Shooter's attack with less range but tagged as melee (still good against armored zombies; OR (2) same as 1, but the Hunter's with a range of two; assuming a class striking two walkers isn't OP. (3) If duel-wield, it could be handled as just one attack with an animation that looks like two strikes, OR it could be set as two weaker attacks against one target, but if the first attack kills the walker and another is within range, they in turn use the second attack on that one (could even be a fun extra powerful strike as a bonus for killing the previous; this is a mad person after all).

    note 1: This could be called Sprinter, but some people were suggesting a that as the name for cool trait idea.
    note 2: I personally prefer the word Berserk to Berserker, yet I know I am the minority in this flavor language. Hopefully we all agree not to call it the Quarterback, as much as I'd wholly agree to have one of the potential uniforms include football pads.

    Additionally, for inclusion on any other class idea, Necroboogie made a cool weapon suggestion: Staff: "attack on 2 sides - either front/back, a front left/back right or vice versa setup to attack 2 walkers at once " I'd say if a survivor is using staffs, hockey sticks and broom handles could be included in possible appearances, and so long as it doesn't do a stun attack, perhaps a double-bladed sword?
  • C_LloydC_Lloyd Member Posts: 209
    Keep in mind that the more types of survivors there are the harder it will be to roll the dice on a radio call and get the one you really want.
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    BigOleTDs said:

    man you've thought this crap out. I like the ideas. Will see what comes of it.

    Thank you. I've designed a small amount of content for game mods (I still laugh remembering complaints over a flaming sword I designed, causing characters to over heat more easily...), which adds different levels to ideation from me. Such as referring to mechanical aspects, and trying to think of if the engine could or could not handle something (thus no Parkour survivor suggestion).

    C_Lloyd said:

    Keep in mind that the more types of survivors there are the harder it will be to roll the dice on a radio call and get the one you really want.

    I do agree with you, but this is touching on a basic design principle: If you had to choose, would you prefer to have variety of game-play? Or just "one you really want?"

    ... Plus the game designers want us to spend real money.

    Wow, @Ragnarok, nice thread!

    Thanks. I hope it proves useful as more people join this game and make suggestions.
  • RagnarokRagnarok Member Posts: 32
    I've thought of a better answer to the number of classes dilemma.... it is easily midigated very simply set of additional rows or columns added to the (assumed) already existing recruitment probably table.

    Extra set1: .5 chance of ranged or melee (could be other numbers totaling at 1).
    Extra set2: within each of ranged and melee, a link to the previous cell divided by N (N being the number of classes in their category of {melee or ranged}).
    Extra set3: if two classes are deemed to fill the same role but are flavor to each other, their spawn odds are shared. This means from set2, their spawn odds are further divided by n (n being the number of classes within their subcategory).

    For example, the Archer (ranged) gets added. This does not affect the spawn rate of the Warrior, but just the Hunter or Shooter (depending on which main attack it most resembles), but again not affecting the spawn rate of the Assault.

    This also leaves numbers incredibly easy to manipulate. I dare say should a legendary spawn happen, a negative weighted sum should be applied against current classes said player owns who are already legendary. Meaning you will be more likely to recruit a legendary of classes you don't already own as legendary (while not affecting the overall rate of legendary drops).
  • FeleciaFelecia Member Posts: 340
    I would love to see a crossbow survivor!
  • aysatyoaysatyo Member Posts: 352
    DISTRACTOR.. I cant think of a better name.. so, anyway, Distractors are ranged survivors. they dont really deal damage. but they are good at distracting walkers. Their weapons are Flare, alarm clock, or anything that can be thrown and will take walkers' attention for a certain amount of turns.. they also have huge hp and their movements are longer than other survivors. this advantages will make up for their lack of damage. Their charge ability is.... they really dont have charge ability since they cant kill any walker. they just round them up in a certain area.. and for that, they are a good combination for assault, hunters or warriors which can kill multiple walkers with one shot.
  • PutchucoPutchuco Member Posts: 1,289
    I like this idea as it is very close to the TV series universe and opens up a whole new level of game play. The quest 'kill no Walkers' becomes very doable with this.
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  • RagnarokRagnarok Member Posts: 32
    aysatyo said:

    DISTRACTOR.. I cant think of a better name.. so, anyway, Distractors are ranged survivors. they dont really deal damage. but they are good at distracting walkers. Their weapons are Flare, alarm clock, or anything that can be thrown and will take walkers' attention for a certain amount of turns...

    I really like this concept. If nothing else, I'd love to see that as an NPC guiding us through a level or two. At the same note, it'd also work as a hostile NPC through a level with a Freeman running and hiding behind cover as we advance, making noise to try to get the walkers to take the burden of killing us.
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    Description: While a "Combat Life Saver" cost a life when in in panic at the sight of blood, due to their bandage missing the bullet hole (true story), this medic demonstrated Needle Chest Decompression on himself as part of a class, knowing the depth of the chest wall so as to be suffer zero risk (also a true story, however it was an undersized needle; shorter than the pins that gave him Blood Wings). This is the difference between The Medic, and a kind person offering a bandaid.
    Inspiration: Experiences in the 82nd Airborne Division. Plus various other video games where you have a Buff/Debuff class.
    Weapon: Small knives, least powerful melee attack of any class (for simplicity, it could just be sharing the Scout's weapons).
    Special attack (ideas):
    1. Heal: Wounds that are immediately treated, are less serious than those which fester. As such, they may heal a small percentage of health to any survivor based on the medic's level.
    2. Cripple: The medic knows anatomy, thus can afflict an enemy with a precision strike which cuts their movement in half and/or weakens their future attacks
    3. Expose Weakness: They know mechanisms of injury very well, thus can strike a zombie not to outright kill it, but to set it up for the next person. Applies a damage multiplier against zombie for X rounds (probably a default of 1).
    Special Mechanics:
    1. Ideally they have two special attacks, based on if they target another survivor or an enemy.
    2. The whole heal mechanic idea... Which is intentionally not a standard attack, because such would become OP if you could just sit there for a few rounds getting your injured survivors up to full health for increased stars.
    3. Cripple: The movement penalty idea would be underpowered, as attempts to use it against Heavy Walkers would get your medic stunned; which is why I suggest both movement and damage, meaning the medic say kicks a zombie in the back of the knee and stabs the arm with precision to weaken/disable an arm (actually... maybe instead of making zombies do less damage, they disable special abilities?).
    4. Expose Weakness: Originally conceived as their standard attack, but the idea isn't to make the best class ever. If not for the graphical difficulties, I'd say they cut away armor from Armored Zombies, however that would be way too much work for the designers.
    While I know limbs being cut off will not be a factor in the game, if I were fighting zombies I'd want someone who knows how to tie a proper tourniquet before amputation; not to mention how to properly clean said weapon first, so as to not get zombie blood into the new wound. Also for grazing wounds, how to immediately cut away less than the total limb (not saying it'd work hours after a bite, but right after before contaminants have a chance to spread... again, for a grazing one, not a deep one or any on a vital spot).
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    MacGyver.. a melee type survivor who is good at opening crates, car trunk, doors, gates, etc. MacGyver type survivors has the ability to reduce the number of turns to open a crate, door, etc, by 1 or 2 turns (depending on the weapon rarity trait). if a crate or door only needed 1 turn to open, MacGyver only uses 1AP to open it and still got 1AP left to move around.. MacGyver also got a default 15% dodge trait.
    weapon of choice: Swiss Army Knife.
    Charge ability: Create an improvised RPG out of nothing and fires it at walkers.
  • RagnarokRagnarok Member Posts: 32
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    This next idea is one I posted previously, but then burning walkers were announced, so I intentionally delayed moving it here. As original discussion of it is where the Trapper/Grenadier came from, except some similarities.

    Description: Prometheus stole fire from the gods as a gift for mankind, the Pyro shares this gift with zombies. This class would fill the role of poisoner from other games, operating as a normal melee but throwing molotov cocktails as a special attack.
    Inspiration: The Wolves burning people alive.
    Weapon: Melee (could be anything really), possibly with a knockback effect? Ideally floor to ceiling swings with the cricket bat (or other dull items, like Golf Clubs).
    Special attack: Molotov: Throws a bottle of highly flammable liquid with a lit fuse (hopefully I don't have to explain the basics of how liquids can be flammable etc). This targets a circle of enemies, with bonus damage against the one initially hit.
    Special Mechanics:
    1. Knockback: Normal attacks do knockback, hopefully without suffering fire damage; which would be particularly useful on overwatch (not to mention ensuring they can control a single ignited zombie).
    2. Flames: The game can now handle these. An enemy hit by the special attack is a receives comparatively less damage than from other specials, but catch fire and begin to take damage each round. Obviously the intentional fire is worse than an accidental one, equaling a much faster rate of burn. These flames of course can still harm your survivors, making this class best used selectively.
    3. Fire-Resistance: This survivor knows how to handle themselves around fire... Ideally burning walkers still inflict extra damage with their attacks, but this survivor does not take damage for attacking them (particularly not their overwatch and counter attacks), but more likely due to mechanical limitations: immune to fire (yes, I suspect the game could not handle an immunity to one fire instance without the rest).
    4. Burning Ground (non-essential, but a thought): For x rounds (1 or 2?) the grid space where the molotov landed continues to burn, damaging any who make contact (for simplicity I'd say things don't catch fire; however already being on fire does not give immunity, as more heat only makes the situation worse).
    5. Selective Aim: I'm sure we request this for the Hunter all the time, but it would be great to be able to throw the attack to wherever we want; regardless of zombies.
    6. Camp activity: Bottle in hand, this person has access to alcohol, and they're not afraid to use it! (I know even if somehow this class made it in, this is the least likely trait... But it's a neat thought that members of one class would be seen doing something different on the map, even if it is just a cosmetic item in hand, and possibly the occasional sip).
    Any thoughts on this one or others suggested?
  • RagnarokRagnarok Member Posts: 32
    aysatyo said:


    At first I was highly skeptical of this idea, given the copyright infringement intentionally placed into the name (in addition to your hope for spellcasters), however looking over it a second time I noticed a true gem: "reduce the number of turns to open a crate, door, etc, by 1 or 2 turns (depending on the weapon rarity trait)." This would be a really cool trait to see on some weapons for any class. While I know it would not be weapon type specific, but thinking in reality for a bit, a crowbar is amazing for breaking stuff open quickly. I'd probably call the trait "Swiss" in honor of the Swiss Army Knife, or perhaps just "Utility,"
  • piepsilonpiepsilon Member Posts: 36
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    I like the idea of the McGyver. But instead of a RPG as special, I would do it like the DISTRACTOR. As I see it, it would be a character with traits like the "utility" describe above and with charge attack, throwing an alarm clock to a chosen place on map (radius of 5 tiles) attracting walkers there.

    I would call the class "Ingerior" or "handyman"
  • piepsilonpiepsilon Member Posts: 36
    I have an idea to improve the assault class. We should be able to narrow is spread but to increase his damage during missions. It could be just a small slider bar on the survivor picture with three options:
    1) normal as it is now,
    2) narrowed by 25% and 35% more damage and + 15% crit rate (like if each walker take more bullets).
    3) narrowed by 50% and 70% more damage and + 30% crit rate.

    Like that, if you encounter fews ennemies or are in a small passage, you can narrow the spread and get better result. I don't belive that someone would fire on purpose in a wall (or at a 90 degres angle) when walkers are in small pack.
  • rayray Member Posts: 111
    Silencers on shooters weapons, lose range but at the same time doesn't attract walkers. Carl has one on his gun in TWD
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  • VerbaubVerbaub Member Posts: 650
    +1 silencers
  • @Ragnarok

    I completely love the idea of a cross bow bearing class! The idea was recently brought up in a other thread and me likey likey B)



    Silencers would be amazing if added as a slot to be opened in the shooter weapons already available.
  • NecroboogieNecroboogie Member Posts: 1,108
    They just need to increase the paper doll to include single/multiuse items as well as additional gear with 1-5% increases to different stats/traits such as watches, trinkets, belts, necklaces, pants and boots like a lot of other games.
    A disposable 2-3 use item like the silencer, which you could limit the use of per survivor per mission.
    Player crafting would give those with too much time on their hands something to do for the above items; as well as a market place to buy/sell items.
    How many times have we seen bacpacks and duffel bags carried by survivors on TWD.
    Hope longer maps are in the works as different types of characters are introduced to really put them through their paces.
  • @Necroboogie

    That's an interesting take on it. Would be nice to see permanent silencers added as a slot to open on ranged weapons too though. I'm really surprized that we don't ever see any outside of the homemade one that Carl used on the show tbh.
  • LanceLance Member Posts: 568
    More item slot good idea`med kit, silencer, grenade, music box (get walker to go toward it)...
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,624
    I'm looking for bloody shirts like in Road to Survival.
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