My guild just hit 1 000 000 stars!

_Lily__Lily_ Member Posts: 629
I know that many guilds have done this, and far faster than ours, but just feel happy that we stuck together and made it this far.
Just gonna mention some of the people that made this possible: @TheLastOfUs @Yaro
@xxarea83xx @Xanadu @Bryan18 @Randopolis @Chriswiz @Fingerfood @YorkshireSteve @otis509 @Rouvinator @Delphinus and many others that are still in the guild or have only been there for a while.
Couldn't have wished for better people, love all of you guys :smile: :kissing_heart:


  • kamilowatykamilowaty Member Posts: 148
    Congratulations :)
  • TheLastOfUsTheLastOfUs Member Posts: 70
    Wahoo !! :D

  • TJSTJS Member Posts: 4,501
    Well done to you and your guild @_Lily_
    B) B) B) B)
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  • Japes87Japes87 Member Posts: 1,399
    Good job guys , that's a great accomplishment :)
  • FingerfoodFingerfood Member Posts: 965
  • DelphinusDelphinus Member Posts: 38

    Congratz guys! Well earned! <3
  • deb1hddeb1hd Member Posts: 333
    Congratulations to your guild for hitting that Milestone. Something to be very proud of.
  • _Lily__Lily_ Member Posts: 629
    Thanks everybody! :)
  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,067
    Congrats and welcome to the club. :smiley:

    Good job!
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  • I_Am_PsychoI_Am_Psycho Member Posts: 1,431
    Well done. Great work.
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  • NCDawgFanNCDawgFan Member Posts: 2,070
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    Great job by you all. Congratulations
  • capibaracapibara Member Posts: 6,409
    Omg!! I missed that post!! What a shame!!
    I was looking to your guild thread to help my @_Lily_ friend with a bump when i saw you hit 1 Million!!
    Congrats Lily girl!! :)

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  • PicPic Member Posts: 1,061
    Congratulations! Big mile stone
  • DBonesDBones Member Posts: 800
    Congrats @_Lily_ and everyone else in your guild!!!
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  • _Lily__Lily_ Member Posts: 629
    Thanks guys :)
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