Summer roster cleaning

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Who is worth investment with tokens as overall good/usable character?Should I keep all those toons as the distance fodder's?
Priority is hard distance mode, then challenges and dialy farming usage/outpost attack team.


  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 2,260
    Melanie/Cindy are good distance survivors. I wouldn't invest but you can never have enough scouts/shooters and both have marksman/strong and ruthless. Joshua is a nice warrior, he lacks retaliate but I would consider investing tokens in him as he has 5 very solid traits for all round use.

    I like Wild's traits, I would invest tokens in him. He would make a very solid challenge assault.

    Other than that I would scrap most of the others for tokens or level them up to build up your distance roster :smile:
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    Awesome @WellyLuga .So keep ruthless/strong/marksman survivors,max them to level 24 but not invest tokens.Then I guess rotate equipment with other survivors (The Distance)
    My issue with Joshua..exactly lackin retaliate, so im not sure about investment.Does anyone have succesfull warrior without retaliate on higher challenge levels?
    Honestly im strugglin with Wilds's investment few months and tried to find better survivor but without succes.That build is unique compared to my other assaults and im more convinced to give him a shot.Lets say I will pair him with Sasha and gold luck+wide weapon-that may work.
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    Yeah you need plenty of max damage guys in the distance. Vigilant on Melanie and Defensive stance on Cindy would stop me from investing but the way I see it, if you're going to keep a survivor as distance fodder then it's better if they can do 30/40/50k damage and take down a walker or two before they become a meal!

    Yes that would hold me back too, but I've ready plenty about people dismissing retaliate. I like my melee guys for maps where it's a scrap and retaliate helps with that!

    Assaults only have a 1.25x multiplier for charges and it isn't a guaranteed crit so I just don't find much use for traits like sure shot/ruthless on that class. Iron skin/dodge are good for defence, lucky helps with Sasha and to boost dodge, marksman is always nice and revenge is very good for getting charged with Sasha if you bring along a meatshield with you :smile:
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