Is this any good at all

Im no good at judging if weapons are good, beyond liking the wider spread attributes, what do the more learned here think of this (its for 18k)


  • zeeblackzeeblack Member Posts: 1,200
    My favorite traits on hunter weapons are wide bore, deadly coupled with either destructive, incendiary or piercing. Spending 18,000 on the weapon is absurd and like Governator, I would take my chance on a random legendary weapon or the 11k weapon.

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  • MudMoccasinMudMoccasin Member Posts: 652
    In answer to your question.... No. The traits are mostly useless in my book....
    But since we are seeing weapons that haven't been seen since I had level 11 players like this SKS clone in the Trade Shop, how about we see things like the Defender AR99 or the FRN-78 (with decent traits like Lethal, Destructive, Wide Spread,) as well????
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