Been playing since the beginning, is there a way to warn , or report bad / unsportsmanlike behavior in a guild family ? Just curious ....


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    Looks like this however covers most of the answer to your question??

    Guild policy
    You can't survive alone in the apocalypse, that's why it's always a good idea to join a guild!

    However be aware that guilds are entirely under the control of the leader and the members, and Next Games does not intervene in guild issues, as long as our Terms of Use are not breached.

    The leader can decide the course and tone for the guild. They can promote members to Elders, banish members for various reasons, as well as accept new members to the guild. Elders also have the same privileges.

    There are a lot of guilds out there, join the one fits you the best!
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    Join a Stand Alone Guild ;)
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    I think one case highlighted a few months was brought to the attention of NG, with some screenshots. If I remember right, the guild join status was set to open, and a kicked player kept joining, and apparently putting offensive stuff in chat.

    I have no idea what action was eventually taken on that though. I'll look for the thread later.
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    Holy crap just kick them out if they are a problem.
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    Walker killer, I would suggest sending a pm to Kaz and ask him.
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    I did
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    WalkerKiller coming from someone that committed the most reprehensible act I've seen on Facebook & Line in 2 Years of playing this game, that's rich. If you like, I could share those details with everyone here on the forum.
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    Pretty sure the forum doesent want to see the childish behavior and obscenities posted by core leadership in your guild family , you publish rules of behavior to be a member , then break them as leaders ...
    I have all the screen shots .... and no one in leadership can explain what guild rule I didn’t follow ... COMPLETELY A DOUBLE STANDARD ....
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    Just ask @Biraju what @WindWalker did.
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    It´s so damn easy...

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    Waiting... Waiting...
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    Can we please close this? It's not needed. Will not benefit either side. Wk we tried, it didn't work out. Particularly because I didn't explain you couldn't. Come to the saloon. Thought it was a limited amount of time. Not indefinitely. It was guilds, not individuals that were in the contest. Things escalated quickly last night. We can't remove people, or cause chaos. I wish you luck on a new guild. This however benefits nobody. Farewell as always my stars are your stars my friend. Well... Unless they are my stars. Then they are just mine =D please close this thx - Pic
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    This original post was completely unnecessary to post. Good luck WK, wish you the best.
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    The screenshots from Mavericks Core leadership would be offensive to most of the forum, and probably get me in NML jail if I repost them .... It’s over and done with .... time to move on , glad that @JMo2127 will be quitting the game at the end of the summer event , NML will be a better place without his childish behavior....

    And @Biraju and I are still friends, Happy Gaming to all my friends in Mavericks...
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    Or don't you know that's cool also =P
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    I'm sorry, you are not allowed to quote Katherine Pulitzer for this.
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    I think most people would find the meme funny as it was meant in jest. For someone to kick two core leaders out of their own main guild chat room over a complete non-issue, you’ve got a lot of balls posting this here WindWalker.

    Yet somehow you’re the one needing to ‘warn’ NG over ‘bad/unsportsmanlike’ behavior?!

    The irony and whining over this is laughable.
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    @kickass started the whole thing , would not feel it necessary to post anything about Mavericks, until she decided to smack talk about me to other guild leaders, turn around is fair play .... I have NEVER posted any negative comments on the forum before this , in 2 1/2 years, and @Jade333 , why don’t you post the meme that @JMo2127 posted in Family chat , where there are minors present ? And maybe the Mavericks guild rules , for all to see ? And possibly the list of senior lvl68 players that have ditched Mavericks, because of all the petty games the leadership plays ?

    I think the NML community needs to know , as well as the moderators , personal attacks should never be tolerated, and shows the childish nature of the leadership. Using foul language just shows a lack of intelligence, or ignorance, anyone who would like screenshots of the line chats ,
    please contact me on the line app , line ID Walkerkiller1
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    Mavericks Rules

    Respect and Harmony
    ~Any form of bullying or intimidation will not be tolerated.
    ~Zero Tolerance for Personal Attacks of any Mavericks players past or present. Any personal attacks will result in removal from ALL (line) chats until you have spoken with a Leader by PM & cooled off. Treat each other with respect and act like Mavericks.

    Guild Transfers
    ~This includes all guilds, however, RAD, WWS and UC are now casual, but will still be asked if players want to move up
    ~At the end of each challenge, new guilds will be formed based on the players scores.
    ~In case of equality in scores, the player with the highest average will gain the spot.
    ~A player can refuse a promotion if he wants and stay in his guild, but if he gets deranked, he has to move to the lower guild.
    ~Players are responsible to verify in Transfer Chat in Line app or through their leader whether they would like to stay or move to another guild, vacations, breaks etc. and to move in a timely fashion. If you havent moved 12 hours before challenge starts, most likely there is a player waiting on for his spot, so we will be removing you from the guild to allow that player in. If you get kicked and you are unsure where to go, check Top150 Transfer Chat on Line.

    ~All players must give their leader contact information
    Line is most preferred
    FB message messenger
    Last resort, Email

    ~A player that needs a time off can request vacation
    ~This is valid for a maximum of 2 weeks at a time.
    ~After vacatio we will use your last challenge score to place you
    ~Player should always advise about up coming vacations as soon as possible.

    ~Players visiting other guilds must let us know on Sunday.
    ~One week max and your score from your visiting challenge will be used to rank you

    New Players

    ~New recuits will be placed in a guild that fits their star count, a verification of player’s screenshots of current and past challenges will be done.

    ~Line App: the minimum we ask is you be present in Transfer Chat (Mondays and Tuesdays to be aware of transfers).
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