Missing 20-token reward for Guild

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@Kaz -- my Guild is mid-sized and does not often beat 6000 stars. We busted our butts this week to hit 6500 (I fell asleep at around 6300 and my Guild finished up), yet when I woke up I did not get the 20 stars. I did not screen shot before, but I know I had over 1000 tokens since last night I claimed the 30 radios (so had at least 1000). Then I bought the 50 tokens and 8 tokens in the TG shop and am now at 1076. If I had gotten the 20 Guild tokens, I would be at MINIMUM 1078 (1000 last night + 58 + 20). IIRC I was at 1018 when I went to bed, so 1018+50+8=1076, which is where I'm at now. Therefore, with the 20 Guild 6500 tokens, I should be at 1096.

I messaged the Guild, and others also have not received the 20 tokens.

This was well after the announcement about the 50 compensation tokens, and I have not been tracking well enough to know exactly which rewards my guild was missing, but if the announcement came out several days ago, wouldn't it have been fixed? If not, did my Guild just bust their butts for nothing? Was there never a reward to claim there?? If that's the case, the announcement should have been MUCH more explicit so people weren't expecting a reward at 6500.

If this is a bug, how does my Guild go about claiming our lost 20 tokens?


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