Question for Samsung tablet players?

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Ok I bought a cheap Samsung 2 months back and it was non stop reconnect with the game, so I got rid of that. Got a new Tablet in the mail today and still getting a bit of reconnect issues.

So my question is for anyone else who plays with Samsung tablets, do you notice this problem?


  • mack22mack22 Member Posts: 1,124
    Got this one today.

  • CallasCallas Member Posts: 42
    Hi Mack..I play on a Galaxy Tab S2. I used to have occasional reconnect issues. Having said that, it was really bad one night so I restarted my modem and the device. That fixed things for me, and I haven't had a problem since. Hopefully it might work for you. Good luck.
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    As @Callas said, often it's more about the finer things in life. ;)

    Another useful tool is if you have a WiFi analyzer app to check the WiFi strength aa well as data flow. Many people think just because your (insert streaming site) never disconnects, you have a perfect connection while watching videos but a problem with the game indicates a game issue.

    However, your streaming videos usually buffer further in advance than a game can. If the game makes a server request and cannot get one, you will see "reconnecting", while the movies could actually be trying to reconnect for minutes but until the buffered content is played you won't know.

    I may be shooting in the wrong direction, but this could be a helpful suggestion for you, @mack22 or others who come upon this thread.

    Maybe you can use this video suggestion?
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    I has this issue with iPhone so I bought a Samsung galaxy tablet and had no problems.....changed my phone to a galaxy too and since then all has been fine (now I've cursed myself) on the plus side when it was reconnecting it was allowing me to see what was in crates before I opened them and also miraculously recover from a bruise before the mission ended 🤣
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