Android - Clearing cache and optimizing can resolve issues

I've noticed many postings about viewing issues with viewing videos and not receiving rewards or missing out on opportunities for silver and/or gold crates. I've found the following procedure ty be very helpful in resolving this issue. It is not a permanent resolution, but it will work for awhile:

1. Exit app or close window
2. Close ALL Windows
3. Go to Settings
4. Go to Apps
5. Find Walking Dead and open
6. Go into Storage
7. Click or Press Clear Cache
8. Exit back into Settings
9. Go to Device Maintenance
10. If available, Optimize Device
11. Clear Memory
12. Exit to Home Screen
13. Close All Windows again
14. Open Walking Dead and try again

I do this on my Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Edge and on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. They both have the current updates on Android.

As always, use at your own risk. But this works for me, at least until now.


  • CarleoneCarleone Member Posts: 27
    Thx. It started to work anyway now, Dont know if its because I take a little longer time to do the ads or why. But If it comes back I will try your suggestion :)
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