2.11 Patch Notes!

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The summer is heating up in No Man's Land with a number of exciting new features and improvements for all of our favorite Survivors [that means you!] Get that undead beach body ready because you will be taking the fight with you everywhere these next few months!

Summer of Explosions!
No Man's Land is excited to invite you all to have a blast with our special event, the Summer of Explosions! This is a summer-long event that will reward your gameplay across all parts of No Man's Land over the next few months. The event begins on Wednesday, the 20th of June.

By playing the game this summer, you will work towards earning a series of awesome rewards, featuring the new "Daryl's RPG" weapon [see below]. Everyone will have the opportunity to earn a Rare RPG weapon, and the most skillful and dedicated players will even earn a Legendary version of the weapon through the campaign! Other rewards, like radio phones, Hero and Class Tokens, and more can be collected along the way.

Summer Tokens
Gameplay in several game modes will reward you with Summer Tokens. Collecting these is crucial to unlocking Daryl's RPG. [How do you think Abraham was able to get the RPG in the show? He had Summer Tokens!] Summer Tokens are not spent to claim rewards, so you can earn everything possible on your way to getting your ultimate prize. You can find them in many parts of the game:
  • Daily Quests [available every day]
  • Trade Goods Shop [Sundays and Mondays]
  • The Distance [Tuesdays and Saturdays]
  • Weekly Challenges [starting each Wednesday]
  • Summer Tokens are available as personal and Guild Rewards [It'll be added on top of the current rewards]
  • Summer Tokens can be collected until Wednesday, the 29th of August. Rewards must be claimed no later than Wednesday, the 5th of September.
Check out the Summer Campaign screen found in the Camp to view the rewards you can earn, and also to see where Summer Tokens can be found. In addition, keep your eyes open for special events related to the Summer Campaign to happen throughout the summer!

New Weapons
Daryl's RPG
Looking for a way to blow up the hardest missions and topple your Challenge high score? Daryl's RPG [short for Rocket Propelled Grenade] has been found, and you can get one for yourself!

The RPG is a Hunter-only weapon, but it functions very differently from other Hunter weapons.
  • The RPG hits a group of up to 9 enemies at once from long range.
  • Base Damage of the RPG is greater than that of other Hunter Weapons.
  • The central target of the attack will never experience a Body Shot, regardless of level or special walker properties [such as Armored Walkers].
  • The other targets receive a lower damage from the explosion around the center target.
  • After firing, the RPG requires a turn to reload. The Hunter can still move, open crates and doors, and bandage themselves while reloading, but cannot attack.
  • Aim carefully: if one of your Survivors is caught in the blast, they will receive damage from the attack.
  • To prevent 'accidents' caused by firing near your allies, the RPG cannot be used to make attacks during enemy turns [including Overwatch, Revenge, and Retaliate].
  • The RPG does not collect Charge Points, nor does it have a Charge Attack.
  • The explosion does not set your enemies on fire.
Flaming Crossbow
A special version of everyone's favorite backwoods hunting weapon, now with a little extra heat. This Hunter weapon has a passive ability to light enemies on fire, similar to the Incendiary Trait.

Special Weapon Functionality Tooltip
The new weapons above, and other weapons with "Special Functionality" (like the Pitchfork and Morgan's Staff), will have an additional tooltip that can be viewed from your Workshop or any of the in-game shops that will inform you of the Weapon's unique properties.

New Challenge Missions
Three new sets of Challenge Missions have been added to the game! To celebrate past seasons of The Walking Dead, and to bring more challenge and excitement to locations and events of the show, we have converted missions from Seasons 3, 7, and 8 into Challenge Mission sets.

These new missions may look similar to previous Season Missions but have been re-tuned and improved for play with a full team of Survivors. Look for these to Challenge you and your Guild soon!

Hero Traits and Body Shots
Two important player-requested changes have increased the power of your Heroes:
  • Previously, a Hero's first Trait was only active if that Hero was placed in the first position during Team Selection. With this change, the Hero themselves will benefit from their first Trait when they are placed in the second or third position of a team. This means that you can use one Hero to boost your whole team, and additional Heroes will get the benefit of their own Traits as well as the Leader's first Trait.
  • The Governor's Trait is unaffected by this change. This is because the Trait only affects post-mission rewards, and as such, cannot be changed to affect less than your whole team. The Governor must be used in the first position of a team for his Trait to have any effect.
  • Heroes will now be treated as one level higher than normal when determining if their attacks against high-level enemies will result in Body Shots. This additional bonus is added to any that the Hero gains from their Elite [pink] rarity stars. In short, Heroes can now fight in tougher missions and be more effective!
  • Tapping the info icon on the Survivor Screen near the rarity stars will bring up a tooltip giving you more information.
Bugs and Adjustments
Distance Reset Button
Due to player feedback, we have rearranged the position of buttons on The Distance mission select screen to make it harder to tap the Reset button by mistake.

Challenge Trade Goods Miscalculation
A bug has been fixed which caused an incorrect calculation regarding Trade Goods rewards and Challenge Round Passes.

GDPR [or, "Great Day for Privacy Rights"!]
Next Games treats customer data with respect and care, and we're pleased to see that international law agrees with this position. Players will see a few new options in the Settings Menu, along with some pop-up messages that allow players to review the service agreement and privacy policy. These pop-ups will not reappear once the terms of use are accepted.

Japan Launch
No Mans Land is coming to Japan! We are hard at work with translators to prepare the game text, and the game will be released in Japan as soon as possible.
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    • The other targets receive a lower damage from the explosion around the center target.
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