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I started the game about 2 weeks ago. I know this makes me somewhat late to the show, but it is what it is. Thanks for the discussion here, I learned a lot. The wonderful guide on Wordpress is a fantastic resource as well. Thanks to people posting YouTube videos (JayZ and others), they show me what’s possible.

My question: what should I aim for? My survivors are mostly level 11, player level is 25. I’d like to unlock Distance ASAP to get another play mode. I enjoy the challenge quite a bit. I’m in a smallish guild which I applied to in game once Guild opened up. But I get more stars than the rest combined (~200), I don’t know them, and would like to get at least the first radio reward. The guild seems to actively recruit new players though...

My outpost is set up. Following the guide, I often do dine and dash runs for trade goods and am now at a bit over 2000 ranking, that’s fun as well. I notice that I almost never get raided by others, it happened twice. Is that because many players quit?

Does it make sense to stop and smell the roses, so to speak? That is stop the race of council upgrades and max out current survivors with gear? Or just race ahead as fast as possible? I feel that the game could provide more guideposts here...

I bought the first bundle for $2.99, I think I got about 2,000 resources to max (because I didn’t know then what I was doing). That’s ok, I like to throw games I like a small purchase.

Anyway, thanks for reading, any comments/suggestions beyond what’s already in the guide are appreciated.


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    Hi @tisch11. There are lots of ways to play this game; that's part of the fun. Listen to opinions, and then make up your own mind on how you want to play. I will give you my two cents here.

    I would not worry too much about maxing out gear with survivors at the lower levels. As you advance your council, your gear will become quickly outdated. Focus on improving your council level through building first, and then use your XP to advance a few of your best survivors. And then rinse and repeat. :-) When you get to the higher levels, you will have more time in that level in which to focus on upgrading your gear.

    In terms of raiding, it's normal to raid more than being raided. You get a shield for 8 hours to prevent multiple raids against your outpost in a short period of time. Many players focus on challenges and The Distance first, and raiding is secondary to the other gameplay modes.

    Enjoy the game. Make some friends. And continue to ask questions - it's a great way to and interact and learn from others.
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    My top tip - don't upgrade your survivors / gear every time you level up. Aim to level up maybe twice before improving your gear, otherwise you'll be wasting XP on levelling up gear that is quickly outdated.

    So jump from lv11-13, 13-15 etc. Makes a lot of difference.
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    I'd also suggest holding off on buying the full supply bundles. Right now, when you have <1m storage it's a waste of money and it's not too difficult to farm enough supplies for an upgrade. These dramatically increase in price the more you buy them. But when you get towards max level and stuff starts needing 18-20m you're going to wish you could pay $3 for a full storage which would take 8-10 hours of farming on a booster :lol:

    Check the guild section of the forum, there are plenty of good guild families out there which you can work up to. If you're low level and you're near the top in your guild chances are you need a better guild. I'm part of the Wild Walking family, fantastic bunch of people, I joined them a month or two after starting and their advice helped so much. Our fearless leader @Pradi is always keen for new recruits!

    If you ever wonder whether any of your survivors are worth upgrading or investing post screenshots in the strategy section and someone will always give you some input.

    Best of luck!
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    Do not upgrade you Council, Work Shop or Training Grounds until all other buildings have been built or upgraded first; i.e., Farms, Supply Tents, etc. The game figures out what level of gear will be in crates based on your player level until you max out. If you only upgrade the big 3 when you get to higher levels you will be out of balance and will see gear in crates that is one or two levels below your survivors. This can be very frustrating. Save yourself the trouble and upgrade all buildings first, then make the next Council upgrade.
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    Enjoy the game, you will never "win", so take your time and enjoy it.

    Don't waste tokens on useless survivor traits and then recycle willie nillie. The return on investment both XP and tokens, is horrid. So take your time and take the chances on rolls, if the all start/have bullet dodge, just save your tokens for another survivor.

    Yes, you will eventually, inevitably, waste some tokens but if you see traits that are less than desirable stop and move on. The quicker you upgrade everything just for the upgrading, the quicker you likely hit the burnout.

    Welcome to the game and welcome to the forums.
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    Just take your time and enjoy! Otherwise you will end up like me at level 65 with level 23 survivors still clueless as to what your even doing 😆 this forum is like my bible.....stuck on anything and your answers will be here 🙂
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