We should add some new characters to the game

Like Rufus... Why no add some interesting chars that are present in series or in a game? Like Clementine, Lee Everett... That would be nice. I think which this would improve the variety of chars in the game. Of course, we have alot of twd chars yet to be appear in there... But, well, just a suggestion...


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    I don't believe NG has license to add Tell Tale's game characters to No Man's Land. Also Otis is the only clear choice here.
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    They could request, no? Depending on demand... Like any rights to use
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    For those waiting for gas to refill and who don’t know who Stu is, here you go:


    You’re welcome. :lol:
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    I already made a Suggestion post under the Suggestion and ideas Forum two days ago but it is still not added there.
    When I posted it said that the admins have to review it first so I dont know if they wont post it at all or if it will be posted sometime this or next week.
    Had 3-4 new classes and new heroes included (enid, jadis, siddiq, cyndie). :)
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    Sigh. This suggestion is made at least once a month. Each time, somebody has to point out that we have a big enough problem with hero token dilution as it is. Adding more heroes will only make it harder to level heroes up - a criminal thing to do when the update is going to make them useful again.

    Come up with a solution to the hero token problem first, then come back with this suggestion.

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    YEAH WE NEED SHANE AND DALE they were integral members of the show and we don't have them on the game????
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    > @Governator said:
    > Can we get pets added to the game? A tiger or a Rodent Of Unusual Size (soecifically an attack capybara) would be awesome! :sunglasses:

    Yeah @capibara should be in the game and the tiger hell yes we should lol
    Capibara would be the first thing @capibara would try to get lol
    Message me if you wanna
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