NightMares is looking to rebuild after losing half our group to the daily grind No minimums required

JBreeze38JBreeze38 Member Posts: 106
edited August 2018 in Guild Recruitment
🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣Laidback group with a lot of open spots. No minimum rank or stars required but we do have a bunch of experienced players who are willing to help any newcomers. We are currently in a bit of disarray. We were once stacked from top to bottom but have lost a lot of our heavy hitters for various reasons from loss of interest, displeasure with NG to simple lack of time due to the demands of everyday life. We still have 10 players at lv 60+ but we also have dead weight of the guys that quit playing ( we didn't fill their spot in case they decided to return) However, its time to rebuild. If anyone is interested please contact me @jbreeze38 @Ldawg26 or @Tessy276 our Guild is NightMares (capital M) and slogan is Play to slay. Slay to live yet one more day. Send a request. Again we ain't a hardcore group. We just looking to kill time and have fun in the process. Holla at NightMares.


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