Hunter Help 2.0 (The Prequel)

Been using Nicole the Sequel , but just got Amanda Season 2 from upgrading a common .
Any advice on both of these hunters ?
One has sure shot and vigilant , the other has lucky and dodge . I really don't know how to implement them correctly . So , please , I need help organizing them . They are like twins and relatively similar in appereance in first glance .


  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 2,627
    Nicole gets my vote. I can live without sureshot on a hunter as I often move them about to line up as many walkers as I can. Dodge and iron skin means you have some defence to back you up too :smile:
  • ShadowaceAzShadowaceAz Member Posts: 3,402
    I have been told many times, many ways, that Ruthless is a necessity at high level. However I seem to have the worst luck in the game.

    I'm gonna watch to see what the folks like @crambert_nec @JayZ and others, who's videos I've started watching will recommend.

    Don't take this wrong @WellyLuga is also way out of my league, so I'm taking a strong leaning to what they just said also.

    This might explain why I suck at high level
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  • bladgierbladgier Member Posts: 2,126
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    I do agree with @WellyLuga as far as this playstyle goes.

    From my playstyle though I'm 100 % offence and I do have defensive ranged already. Meaning I wouldn't token up any of them.

    That doesn't mean they're bad survivors. I just wouldn't invest myself.
  • bladgierbladgier Member Posts: 2,126
    @ShadowaceAz you can trust in what @WellyLuga has to say.

    I'm no big personality in this game but I know that he knows what he's saying.
  • UsernameUsername Member Posts: 28
    Wow , thanks for the advice , guys.
  • crambert_neccrambert_nec Member Posts: 1,372
    I like my hunters to be 100% offensive as well. Marksman, sure shot, ruthless, revenge, and lucky is my unicorn. And I got her :) Currently working her up.

    @ShadowaceAz I'd say ruthless is definitely a must for almost every survivor class, especially hunters. My main hunter in my Distance videos doesn't have it, however. Almost all the survivors I use in those videos are my OGs without the newer traits. I've got a new generation I'm currently working up, so maybe when we get another council upgrade or 2 I'll remake my videos to where I can beat every level in one try with my new leveled unicorns :p
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  • Kick_assKick_ass Member Posts: 513
    Great tips @crambert_nec

    Thank you
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