What makes a high level walker be stunned by a bruiser?

Hello there!
It seems a silly question, but what can I do to stunned a high level regular walker? Is it really possible ? Do I have to use critical chance badges? What do you guys think?


  • bladgierbladgier Member Posts: 2,126
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    Bodyshot equals no stun.

    On about + 7 (more less) rsl of your team, you will get 100% bodyshots meaning no stun. Having 10 stars might push it a bit further but not that much.

    Critical chance or any badges won't change that.

    What you can do is take advantage of any hero trait that'll get you charge points and then stun with charge attack when you gain enough charge points.

    Carged attacks only get you 100% chance to stun regardless of rsl.
  • TJSTJS Member Posts: 4,501
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    You want damage reduction and health badges on your bruisers. The main use is to stun but as @bladgier mentioned, once at higher rsl's you'll always get bodyshots (from non-charged attacks), so you want them to be able to take some hits.
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  • DanielBezDanielBez Member Posts: 117
    Thanks guys!!!!
  • anthony172anthony172 Member Posts: 681
    In addition of what @TJS said, bruiser charge ability always stun no matter the level of your bruiser or the enemy, a good way to charge up ypur ability is using Morgan, Sasha or Rufus as leader
  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 4,408
    Use Morgan

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  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 2,627
    Or Sasha and a bruiser with retaliate/punish and Morgan's staff/hockey stick. With that you can get anywhere between 3-9 hits in per turn so there's a good chance you'll charge up really quick.
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