Burning mode when starting a mission!

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I have played several outpost raid missions and Distance missions today and have been plagued with my survivors starting the mission in the burning state! It’s been random times..and I can’t seem to figure out what will trigger it to happen! This is just a couple of SS’s of many times its happened today! Any ideas? @Kaz
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    That's really weird!
    Thankfully I haven't experienced this and I hope it gets fixed before I do. :#
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    Cuz ur 2 hawt? :p

    * meant for laffs first, cheesy compliments second :*

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    Yup, I had this on Monday on outpost raids. One of which caused me to wipe. I haven't had it since, and it might have been that they were previously killed with an incendary attack which carried over the status effect to the next raid.
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    This has happened to me in the recent past as well. I just chalked it up as a lark, but it looks like it might have larger implications.
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    So it's true what they've said... you have unlocked the secret BURNING ABRAHAM!

    But seriously. Sorry about that. I've never seen this before, but I agree that should be somehow related to the mysterious bleeding bug.

    Thanks for letting us know and for the screenshots!
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    I had the same problem with my Governor today. I let him die off in a mission and let him heal and started a new mission with the Governor in it and he was good to go. NOT ON FIRE ANYMORE.
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    Challenge map and outpost.

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    @wrinkled_bag Wow... not in the challenges.. :(

    That sucks, man. Sorry to hear that. I'll add this to the ticket I've created to the devs.

    Did you experience that in the same session? And which one have you experienced first?
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    Same session. Burning on challenge map first.
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    Just had this issue in Outpost.

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    Had this problem twice today.

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