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  • MetalMetal Member Posts: 492
    How come it Always seems that us gamers are always right, who does NG. hire lol, should be you guys
  • mik81mik81 Member Posts: 360
    It's not right or wrong it is a different perspective and different goals. But I don't think NG in general spends that much time playing the game (using the product) as many of us do, so we have a little advantage there.
  • NarniaNarnia Member Posts: 66
    I would like to have some sort of reimbursement of the round passes I won't be able to utilize this week, and won't be able to accumulate for next week - a week where it is likely to go back to normal.

    If it would stay this way for a period, I might be able to come to a conclusion whether I even like this format or not. As it stands, however, it will just leave that sour taste in my mouth, and this thought: Screw round passes. Let the players decide where to begin these maps. Whether at RSL1, or 41. Let the players decide, and award stars in a way that suits us (I.E. if I choose to start on level 32, and I 3* every map there, I should be awarded previous stars accordingly, as perfect, from RSL 1 - 32.1)
    No double rounds needed. Choose your starting RSL.
  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 6,286
    Another thought...

    Even if those of us with buttload of round passes manage to scrape through enough rounds to use them, it won't likely be without casualty...

    1-star doubled is,... How much? My math skills are taxed today.

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  • I_Am_PsychoI_Am_Psycho Member Posts: 1,431
    edited August 2018
    WahooDawg said:

    So to sum up...less personal/guild rewards, less TGs AND fewer round passes for next week? What’s not to like?

    It seems it does turn out like that for end-gamers with at least 3 lvl 24s.

    For anyone who started on lvl 18, those with 4-17 RP started on the same round as they would have with those RP, but will hit their wall quicker.

    I'm with lvl 22 and 23 survivors. For me, the first doubled level had to have been 19, not 20, because I started on 22.2 with 9 RP, instead of the normal 23.2. That means if I have time, and am the challenges suit my setup, I SHOULD get the usual 9RP still.

    But then NG hate me so I can't possibly end up gaining in the long run surely. Slightly less stars, so maybe a chest less perhaps, but with extra tomato income.
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  • ReggieGRReggieGR Member Posts: 84
    Did I miss the NG heads up memo that this was coming? Seems like odd timing that they would put this in the week after a no body shots knowing that folks would have higher than normal rp totals. I would have have put this in after the all freeman challenge when rp totals would be down, but that’s just me.
  • mcbkhicksmcbkhicks Member Posts: 686
    Ok i had 11 RP last challange i usually get 10.. i started at 24-1 this challange & it still shows 3 passes for next RP... I didnt get 26-2 screenshot but lil white box showed 3 rounds till next pass now on 27-1 & it shows 2 rounds.. shouldnt i be on 2 rounds per pass since lvl 20 & lvl 27 should be 2 rounds.... Am i wrong
  • Marcus6253Marcus6253 Member Posts: 221
    Yes, you are wrong; round passes are every 3 rounds. That has not changed. What changed is number of rounds per level. That is only 2 per level up to 35 when it goes to three per level. Basically it means you get to impossible missions, the wall, quicker with fewer round passes overall.
  • MattOfEarthMattOfEarth Member Posts: 632
    I have nothing to say that hasn't been said, other than that I find it funny they would put out double Summer Tokens, for lower level players who still "need" them, then turn around and make them harder to get.
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  • mcbkhicksmcbkhicks Member Posts: 686
    Aahh i see i read it wrong thank ya @Marcus6253
  • CBgaming1969CBgaming1969 Member Posts: 1,359
    They did the same thing after the first decrease and no bodyshots event!!!! It's specifically designed to reset [email protected]!
  • romeoromeo Member Posts: 638
    those days...ohh so much fun
  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 3,179
    Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a fix to the grind and 2 rounds per RSL was one thing I was pushing for in the end the grind thread. Just to do this the week after last week's event is obviously going to lead to frustration. Star loss I can take, but only if it's across the board and the same for everyone. I'm on 33.2 now and for a good chunk of this challenge I've been 50-100* behind guildmates who are on RSL30/31 which is completely imbalanced. If NG is running this challenge to analyse the data it has to be run for 2-3 weeks at the very least.
  • warlordfwarlordf Member Posts: 220

    Am I the only one who is unhappy with this change? I always finish the challenge because I go as far as I can. Fewer rounds at lower levels means that I play the challenge less. Playing the challenge less means that I will have fewer rounds, which means that I will earn fewer TG. When they changed the challenge to fewer rounds (the last time) I complained that there would be fewer TG. Everyone pooh-poohed me until the change was made permanent, and suddenly everyone was complaining about fewer TG. Fewer rounds = fewer TG.

    Also, fewer rounds means fewer round passes. So next week I'm going to be facing the old version of the challenge with fewer round passes. That's not going to be fun.

    Lastly, fewer rounds means fewer stars. Now I don't care about the actual number of stars myself, but if I earn fewer stars, then I'm contributing less to the guild totals. Half of our guild is composed of lower level players. They will be penalized because the higher level players are earning fewer stars, and therefore we are not achieving as many guild rewards. So we all suffer.

    I appreciate that NG is trying to make a change that is better for a certain subset of players, but reducing rounds without balancing out the round passes, TG and rewards is not the answer.

    well not the only one, i like playing the game and usually i quit before challenge ends since i cant go further, if i play less i will have less fun.
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 3,111
    Poor timing, poor map set and not a change for the better. If your gonna try something different try the monster stage challenge.
  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 3,179
    edited August 2018
    If rewards remain adjusted so we earn the same amount of challenge crates I'd be happy with that. I'm also not a fan of extra tanks/armoured thrown in, IMO it's a bit of a lazy way to artificially increase the difficulty.

    Also, it was suggested that to cap off the summer explosion event a hunter damage bonus would be more fitting. We've all earned a shiny new RPG to use and charged hunters would give even less incentive to use it! @Kaz
  • ReggieGRReggieGR Member Posts: 84
    I’m confused. If NG is trying to reduce the “grind” for a percentage of end game players by starting triple rounds at rsl35 so that percentage can get farther faster, why have any damage bonus’ at all which just forces that percentage to get farther increasing their grind and increasing their unhappiness?
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 3,111
    I've asked the supergreens/amazons guilds will let you know their thoughts tomorrow. Personally I'm not happy with the change. I'll tap out a lot earlier earlier in the challenge than usual. Highest difficultly I've ever reached is 32 with no bodyshots and am already on 29's not much left to play...
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