Player Coming Online during Raid



  • BeccaBecca Member Posts: 39
    Same here and my game keeps crashing.
  • Finnyboy14Finnyboy14 Member Posts: 65
    Yeah mu game crashes sometimes too but not really much happily.

    And that's why walkers are dumb, not givin' a crap about anything.
  • ibsteveogibsteveog Member Posts: 22
    Yep. Paying goods and gas to raid and not getting to raid due to "player came online" message
  • zosonzoson Member Posts: 2,216
    Yep, it always costs trade goods even if you don't find a match and it also always consumes gas even if they 'come online'. They're pretty awful bugs that you have to wonder how they made it through QA.
  • CamillaCamilla Member Posts: 7
    I just raided an outpost with lvl 5 protectors and a reward of 100.. Only that wasn't true! It was lvl 11 protectors and the reward was 24! So I Got nothing and now my guys are in the hospital for an hour :/
  • leonhardleonhard Member Posts: 9
    i have the same problem and the message are no readble some only 3 point.
    no possible game
  • leonhardleonhard Member Posts: 9
    The low level have more gods then high level
  • glenlivesglenlives Member Posts: 39
    I've tried several times to go on a raid today each time I see the name of the person I'm going to raid a message pops up saying the person came online and the raid is cancelled which I guess is just bad luck but why am I losing 2 cans of gas and 10 points out of my crate from every mission that I was never able to start ?
  • AaronAaron Member Posts: 3
    I've had the same problem. Then every time I try to exit out of "get more gas" screen, the app crashes.
  • PerdtinPerdtin Member Posts: 783
    Yup same thing here. Tried 5 times, 4 times failed. Out of the 4 failures only one happened early enough so as not to lose gas, just trade goods. The three other fails were gas and trade goods
  • MaxxKarmaMaxxKarma Member Posts: 3
  • leginoverleginover Member Posts: 1
    Same here, losing loads of gas & points!
  • Camel56Camel56 Member Posts: 558
    I wouldn't know! I can't seem to get past giving up 10 crates for a search, and not finding a match. If the game maker thinks this part of the game is fun, then I don't understand what I'm gaining from giving away crates?
  • MaxxKarmaMaxxKarma Member Posts: 3
    yes confirmed. The usual poor development......
  • pixelknightpixelknight Member Posts: 1
    Adding my experiences too...

    Great game and have been on it since day 1. Liked the improvements up until now too. This PvP has potential.. don't let us down devs.

    1) Out of 50 attempts to engage another player's outpost....
    - 60% no match found and eats supplies & fuel for attempting
    - 20% match found but online and eats supplies & fuel for attempting, also no way to return back to find another match
    - 10% network disconnect in the middle of a mission which eats supplies & fuel for attempting the mission
    - yey, 10% a run on someones outpost as intended. And its fun.

    2) Finding a match is an art and only get to pick from the one choice handed, how about a list of 3 players to attack? Of the matches lined up....
    - 30% matches my level, this is typically an undesirable fight because it puts multiple guys of mine in the hospital, but do admit to a little enjoyment of the difficulty.
    - 10% matches to a level with defenders above my guys whom I have much less success attacking and my guys go to the hospital, for the reward, not worth it.
    - 60% matches to something woefully undefended which I find no challenge, no risk, and easy reward. For grinding this is okay, but as a player, I don't want to feel like I'm grinding.

    3) Would like to see a battle log of folks who ran on my outpost to see if it's defending as expected.

    4) Because of the fuel loss the PvP distracts from the rest of the game.

  • lycanlycan Member Posts: 50
    I've had the same issues and now I can't use chat. For 4 hours it's claimed that the last message sent was 2 mins ago, and I can't send any messages either. This last update has been the worst yet for bugs, glitches and issues
    Leader of guild JellyBeanz
  • 1jellow1jellow Member Posts: 8
    Any news on a patch for this. Had the whole day off to play. Now wasted due to all the bugs
  • theblueboxthebluebox Member Posts: 807
    I would like to report that the most recent patch push (mentioned here by staff member eetu on page 7) fixed the chat issue. It did fix the gas and goods issue for about half an hour, and then the bugs came back. My guild members report that they are still losing goods and gas every time they encounter a "player has come online" message. They try to connect again 30 seconds later, the player is still online, and they lose another gas and 10 trade goods. I have not encountered this yet because I can't even get a match. When I attempt to find one, none are available. I attempted to find another match 20 times and none were available. I went and did a few exploration missions, went back to the outpost, and tried another 10 times with still no available matches.

    The patch didn't work. The outposts are not "behaving until morning". THIS IS WHY BETA TESTING FINAL CODE IS CRUCIAL. You had a select group of ppl Beta test an older version of the code. They gave you feedback. You tweaked the code and released it WITHOUT BETA TESTING THE REWORK. It is better to delay a release and make sure it works than to disappoint your players that pay your salaries by releasing bugging code that does not work. FIX IT.
  • MrSmithMrSmith Member Posts: 2
    Glad to see I'm not the only one. Perhaps that means our will get fixed....
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    OldGoth said:

    Really sorry about the gas being taken from you in the case of unfinished attack. That's a new bug. We dropped the gas cost to one for now until we get it figured out.

    In the meantime, give it a few hours. It takes a moment for the leaderboard to populate with valid targets (people creating an outpost and going offline). Things should be much better in a matter of hours for finding matches. We're keeping a close eye on it.

    You want to back to 6 later??? Joke isn't it? It should cost 1 otherwise not many ppl will play.
    This is another big step to abandon this sinking ship...
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  • SoyevSoyev Member Posts: 130
    Tonight and the 1 minute gas event were my favorite times cause I can actually PLAY the game, without waiting an hour between each 2 minute mission or buying gas like it's an arcade game that only takes $10 bills (which, by the way, I don't buy)

    Your job is to make people want to play the game, not to make us go look for other games while waiting for this one
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    We wanted more stuff to do during waiting for gas refill. Outpost was really nice idea and now you want to grab as from gas as well? 6 per attack? Beta was free of gas and we had hope to be like that.
    @OldGoth is it fair? If you really want to put gas as a pass to raids leave 1 cost like now otherwise it's big misunderstanding....
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  • BarcodeJBarcodeJ Member Posts: 403
    OldGoth said:

    Really sorry about the gas being taken from you in the case of unfinished attack. That's a new bug. We dropped the gas cost to one for now until we get it figured out.

    In the meantime, give it a few hours. It takes a moment for the leaderboard to populate with valid targets (people creating an outpost and going offline). Things should be much better in a matter of hours for finding matches. We're keeping a close eye on it.

    @OldGoth yeah if it will take 5 gas to raid I am out as well. I am ok with using resources to raid. it makes sense. But using trade goods AND 5 gas? this is cost prohibitive especially with the 2 challenges a week schedule. With what it costs for a legendary chest and how much gas we will have to spend on challenges this just isn't worth it. The game was already feeling a little too grindy. I am sick of games with no end in sight. It seems all games these days have goals that are set to be only obtainable for people who literally do nothing but play that game. I miss the joys of having a game and being able to say you BEAT the game.
    I understand that people beating the game don't come back and spend money on the game, but the time is quickly coming when EVERYONE will be burnt out on grinding towards seemingly un-achievable goals because all games have this grindy feel now. As advertised in your game I started playing Star Trek Timelines as well. I quit after one week because the cost was ridiculous for a f2p game. I am a huge trekkie. I have seen every epsipode of every version of star trek multiple times. I don't care how much I like the series, I am not paying an absurd amount to have a slim chance of getting the character upgrade I need....That is precisely what you have done here. At most I have seen about 150 trade goods available to raid and that is a lucky find, but assuming I could consistently find that, it would take over 50 successful raids to get a legendary chest. That's over 41 hours of gas. And that's not counting what may have been stolen in the meantime, and time to sleep in between, let alone gas that needs to be spent on challenges. PSSSSSSHT. Screw that. I don't need that in my life. I have a full time job, I make good money and was happy to spend it on a game that made my leisure time enjoyable but if you are going to endeavor to make your game a chore instead I'll keep my money and go back to playing ingress. 5 gas per raid? That's 1/3 of my total storage! Imagine if Clash charged 2 mil per raid? This is absurd. I had already dropped my rating to 3 stars instead of five. If this goes back to 5 gas per raid I will happily lower it to 1 star and then uninstall.
  • AysatyoPetAysatyoPet Member Posts: 1,168
    it's their way to say to you "buy more gas!"

  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    edited March 2016
    Is their way to get rid off players... I'm first in the line if cost won't stay 1.
    Thanks to us they can exist so we need to be happy with they game... So let's fight what is best for us otherwise they can kiss our B.
    We should have final word.... WE AS A PLAYERS COMMUNITY.
    If we will agree with every rip off from their side then they will do it every time... harder and harder...
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  • BarcodeJBarcodeJ Member Posts: 403
    Seriously, in Ingress, i have easily spent over 1k dollars and the irony is that the majority of that did not benefit the developers in any way...yet NONE of their updages have been bug ridden. None. In two years of playing i have not once had complaints of bug issues with an update. And they are working with a concept. They do not have the advantage of having the most watched tv show on cable to promote them and yet they can manage their stuff. ShunnnnnnnN
  • JewishJewish Member Posts: 160
    I won't play outpost if it goes back to 5
  • SirJamesLeachIISirJamesLeachII Member Posts: 2
    There needs to be a way that we can get upgrades and truly view them as such without feeling like it set us back entirely on another field of play. Adding a feature of this level is bound to have its issues but it should also have enough promise for a community of consistent players to feel that it will be a good addition with reasonable demand from the player. Taking away 5 gas each raid is only worth it if you're garaunteed at least that as a standard return for achieving a victory in that very raid. It's either that or turn the quick gas weekend event back on as a fulltime feature. I played so much more when all I had to worry about was finding loot and resources to level up and found myself willing to buy premium content during that event. Now that the game flat out advertises how useless our spending of actual money is by giving little back for the spent real funds we as a community of daily players can only take so much limited appreciation. Marketing a game and keeping new players jumping in is hard no doubt but retaining what you have should be just as important for the future of this company as well. Keep shopping a broken product with pricey but barely worth premium content and see how many players still play and still pay in a couple months time. You can only bank of the new guys being willing to buy the random $7.99 bundle a couple times before they too realize how big of a waste it was. I do like the game; but I love my sanity and family more so I won't be trolling an outpost raid red eyed with work in 2 hours just to hit a BS leaderboard stat that in 2 weeks won't exist and when I'm dead won't have mattered $*** anyway. Just saying it's time to give back or let the suckers give in while most of say adios.
  • naturalmysticnaturalmystic Member Posts: 40
    I began an outpost raid and it failed at the troop selection screen because the defender came on line. I was charged gas cost for the raid. I found that if you press attack, the game will keep taking gas as long as you keep pressing the button and your target is on line. It would seem to me that you should be sent back to the search screen.
  • JewishJewish Member Posts: 160
    It had not happened for a while so I thought it was fixed but I just lost 5 gas because the player came back online.
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