Just Realized My 1st World Problem...

I'm almost never maxed on XP or remotely close. With the 2x XP from scrapping and free 2x XP booster from the awesome update I'm effectively getting 4x XP on scrapping. With a survivor and piece of equipment both upgrading, I realized how useful it would be to have 2 extra slots each in the Training Grounds and Workshop.

I'd like to see something comparable to the Hospital, where either we have 3 slots all upgrading at once or 3 slots in queue and the 2nd one starts upgrading after the 1st is complete. It should also be possible to select up to 3 upgrades for the same piece of gear assuming that it is rare or higher and it hasn't been upgraded yet...this would also be useful to players so that no time is lost after one level of upgrading.

I'd gladly spend a bit of gold for each of the slots, but maybe at least one could be available for either supplies or TG and the other gold. I know nearly all other games where upgrading is a large part have queue lines longer than 1...let's make this happen please!
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  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 2,203
    This would be real nice! But then no one would really spend gold to rush upgrades like they do now if we could upgrade multiple things at once. I'll soon be maxed on XP, especially with the free double booster we have. I got my roster to 24 and don't really have any gear to upgrade so I've been upgrading 1* survivors I got from free calls and useless gear so I'll have something to scrap next council upgrade :lol:
  • PigBenisPigBenis Member Posts: 1,119
    edited August 2018
    So maybe either charge gold for each spot permanently or a small fee of 25 gold to upgrade 2 extra items that run concurrently instead of in queue? Would that be fair? I don't use gold to upgrade now unless it's within the last final hours and only costs 30 or so gold. I would use a lot more gold if items upgraded concurtently for 25 gold for example.

    Or, that makes my suggested queue format more practical as seen in other games.
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