Maestro Coque (RIP)

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Hello my name is WalkerNavy, belong to the AvengersResiste family guild, i received a bad news yesterday, one of the best teammates, my friend, died for cancer. This person, that in the game is called Yoda, was an special one. He's been in different guild, but he left a mark on each one of them. Example of that guild was AvengersResiste, España Legends, Malaga TWD, etc. And we all ask you Next Game, @Kaz if you can honor this awesome player and person. He was a fan of this game, he was our friend. I pls we just ask you if you can make honor for him, he deserve that.


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    Grande COQUE, grande YODA
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    Gran recuerdo nos deja... Siempre fuertes.
    Descanse en paz
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    ... :o :(
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    Un gran compañero y mejor persona. Nuestro Coque Maestro Yoda siempre estarás en nuestros corazones. Mucho ánimo a tú familia y amigos. Un abrazo
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    Very sad news. Sending my thoughts.
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    Hola, soy líder de España LEGENDS, el clan entero siente mucho esta gran perdída de nuestro amigo.
    Por favor haced una mención de nuestro amigo Yoda.
    DEP amigo.
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    I'm so sorry for your loss @anthony172
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    Sorry for your loss 🙁
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