Full xp bundle

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@Kaz... now with charging trait? Are you accepting new payment methods!



  • donald6283donald6283 Member Posts: 276
    edited August 2018
    charging trait meaning you get charged double price 😂
  • KazKaz Member Posts: 1,423
    Haha, it's fixed already. :cold_sweat:

    The question now is, what would be the effect of charging on a Full XP Bundle?
  • RWSRWS Member Posts: 301
    I think it deserves a free legendary flare gun.
  • KazKaz Member Posts: 1,423
  • RWSRWS Member Posts: 301
    Don't just say it...click the icon
  • RWSRWS Member Posts: 301
    Thanks @Kaz...for the quick fix and reply!!
  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 2,276
    I wish you guys at NG would stop dangling all these sweet new weapons in front of us when we know a council update isn't too far away :lol:
  • PigBenisPigBenis Member Posts: 1,119
    Soon? I believe it's still planned for late Nov or Dec as stated a month or two ago. I'm hoping that it's around that time at least and that they have some sort of event similar to the summer one where we work towards a piece of gear or unlocking a new survivor, etc. I can see the update/event rolling out as one if that happened.

    It would be pretty sweet, in my opinion, if the next event's prize was something like a pink star hero with known traits and a known class. Maybe give him/her slightly better stats than normal survivors. Something akin to a hero, but without a special trait and could be upgraded with class tokens.

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  • deb1hddeb1hd Member Posts: 333
    I thinking it will happen in October. With new season missions coming out. Right when the new season starts.
  • 012_man012_man Member Posts: 32
    If NG really wanted more incremental $$ from new weapons, they should come already upgraded.

    Still can go the XP route when you find them in missions, but if you shell out $$ might as well save me some time and effort
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