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It's with great honor that I proudly announce the ten players inducted to the first edition of the “NML Hall of Fame":


Congratulations to all!

The election was made by a committee of 30 previously selected members (as seen here and here), with a total of 150 votes validated by a NG representative. It’s great to see that this group looked at the community not only as competitive players, but also as forum enthusiasts, bloggers, YouTubers and caring guild members. Inspiration comes in different forms and the votes reflected that.

Players listed above will be getting a unique forum badge and also a physical certificate from NG. For that please get in contact with @Kaz.

I’d like to thank my friend and guildmates @Pic and @Kick_ass for the encouragement, @Kaz for the official support, and to all the NML Community that praised the event, helping us get in touch with all committee members and giving feedback on how this can be improved going ahead.

Good vibes!

UPDATE: Mímica requested not to be a part of this, and we fully respect his decision. So crambert joins the roster as the next most voted player.
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    Congrates all!
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    > @javajnkie said:
    > @Amazayn , if you ever drop by and see this, know you have a permanent spot in the DTP hall of fame!

    He indeed got many votes, but not enough to make the cut. Perhaps because he retired a long time ago.

    Back when we starting roughing out this idea, we were including all former #1 players. But then it got stuck on difficulties to finding historical data and ways of communication.
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    Congratulations everyone!!!

    Also, huge shout out to the people who organized this. Super good initiative and a lot of work was put into this.

    Last but not least....

    Tammy <3

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    All votes were validated by NG and are fully available for commitee members to check, in case you want to question my work and the legitimacy of this event.

    Also please keep in mind that different people think different, and what seems like a HoF player to you may not be for others.
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    PigBenis said:

    I know Terminates has made videos and guides to be helpful to the community and is probably very well known. But aside from that, what have each of the other people done or contributed? Why are they "famous"? Without that, this all merely looks like a popularity contest among friends, who think that this "award" matters.

    Yeah I’m not sure why I got awarded but I’ll take it. Not really sure what I’ve contributed to the community :trollface:

    This is a player driven, community based, openly viewable committee with members of top ranked guilds having to literally choose from however many names. I can’t imagine it’s easy.

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    Firstly, as of me writing this, there hasn't been a single "dislike" posted in this thread. Secondly, all of the "lol's" are probably due to the perception of how this was rolled out and that's why I said it would be good to disclose WHY people were actually nominated. Even little tidbits to support. That would go a LONG way with MANY. Otherwise it just looks like a group of people calling themselves the cool kids.

    And you can say that the voting was spread out among top guilds, but that just goes to show how biased it was. Surely these top players have been in many of the guilds that did the voting and had friends that voted them in. I can guarantee you however, that if this list were sent to the average player in game they'd look at the list and they might see some familiar names but they'd be asking themselves who the other 6-7 were.

    I have no interest in being on any sort of council to determine any so-called "hall of famers". This "award" means absolutely nothing to me and the ONLY reason I looked at this thread was as a follow up to the original one you had posted about doing a hall of fame induction...it went just as I thought it would and became a "we're the cool kids" contest.

    Lastly, you can say that there's been a tremendous amount of "support" for this idea, but the amount, rather lack of likes in your initial post say otherwise. Of the 7 that are showing positivity, one is Kaz, and he would have liked it no matter what. That leaves 6 and half of those were inductees. I've never seen 2 of the other 3 on here before and the last person is more of a forum regular. Look at the lack of support from the "regulars" on here that have liked, agreed with, or lol'd at some of the other posts in this thread. Their presence in this thread without showing approval speaks volumes without anything being said.
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