New Badge Creation Idea

DeadheadsDeadheads Member Posts: 709
edited August 2018 in Suggestions & Ideas
First off, love the new badge creation chances so thanks for that, but its still infuriating when after spending weeks/months finding enough legendary components you get a completely useless (flat crit damage) badge. Selling it for a little xp just feels wrong too. What if you add a second crafting option? instead of crafting components you can craft badges? Combine 4 or 5 badges to get a brand new one. Same %s apply, so crafting 4/5 legendary badges gets you a brand new legendary badge, etc.


  • Gman74Gman74 Member Posts: 71
    @Kaz so I don’t see anything regarding crafting or badges in the new update. It’s sad how difficult this system is to utilize and the dumb luck it takes to get useful components. I am maxed out on badges now. I have to sell old badges to get new. All while unless I scrutinize the specifics of a badge cannot sell badges from areas I have too much. I ended up going from 43 badges in slot 4 to 34 badges where I wanted to add more. And that was after crafting 19 new badges. Please make this more useful to sell equip and maintain not only by type but by location
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