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    @Jaden we always love having you and the members of your guild participate. <3

    And thank you for bringing that up. Players of all levels are welcome to participate.

    anyone who would like to know more about it they are welcome to message me.
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    LOL, shouldn't the interviews be conducted BEFORE the award is given, or am I just crazy to think that people interview BEFORE being hired into a job? And you wonder why people aren't on board with YOUR hall of fame. That and when we repeatedly ask for openness as to why players were selected, it's hinted that you don't know and you'd have to ask someone to find out or that we should just take your word for it and wait for the interview to see.

    I bet most would be on board with scrapping this "hall of fame" in favor of something LEGITIMATE and where a process with established criteria are followed for making selections. You won't be in favor of this, because you and most of your cohorts won't end up on that ballot. That statement isn't meant to be hurtful, rather it's meant to be revealing as to the NUMEROUS flaws within the selection procedure.

    Fame implies renown and when most see the list and say to themselves "who is THAT!?" then it's more like a hall of people selecting themselves to be seen as popular or important or to have made a difference in this game. And when you can't provide ANY supporting feedback as to why someone was selected, or when that reason is rather laughable (as seen by many, not just me), then that further gives credibility to the statement that this selection was a sham from the get-go.

    Like anything that matters in life, it's not about the effort, it's about the RESULTS. I'm not in favor of awarding participation trophies to make someone feel validated. I've said that there were some individuals on the list who are indeed famous and deserving of the accolade, but when nobody other than guildmates knows who someone else is...that's where I draw the line. It's not the hall of good intentions.
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  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 3,812
    Handful of folks on there I've never heard of... Guess it's not necessary to be active on the Forum to get a Forum recognition?

    Anywho congrats to all. Hope they all come by to look at it haha.

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    I’d like to nominate @Boruto for the next round for his domination of the global outpost rankings back in the day and for being a generous juggernaut in DeadFamily. -slowly backs out of room-
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    So much hate. Why?
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  • PigBenisPigBenis Member Posts: 1,119

    So much hate. Why?

    I'm jealous because I didn't get into not one, but TWO hall of fames today. I know that I didn't have a chance with this one since I wasn't on the committee, but it was a real kick in the nuts to be denied from the one that I started within my own guild. Nobody likes me...
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    So much hate. Why?

    It’s definitely not hate I’m feeling right now
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 6,673
    I guess everyone missed the memo.

    Congratulations again to all the winners!

    Good to see some familiar faces @SlickRick @Terminates and to the others.

    Closed for now.
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