Definitely on the "RPG must be changed" bandwagon now



  • Pablo72Pablo72 Member Posts: 27
    Here my 2 cents and generally in line with a lot in this discussion:

    Stuff that is OK:
    Area of effect
    Reload time

    That’s about it but the above are all reasonable based on a simple change in the first instance and that is to apply the same damage effects as a Grenadier walker. How hard can this be? The code exists in the game already to some degree.

    This makes the initial target an insta-kill. All walkers, raiders, own survivors are damaged in line with current grenadier rules based on grenadier walker level rather than the actual weapon. Those rules already include a percentage chance to set on fire. This means that any target on the map is a potential grenadier with a reduced area of effect.

    This should be a decent balance of damage versus reload time and means that it actually is still very useful after the inevitable council upgrade and level up of survivors.

    The RPG could then look something like thi when upgraded:

    Damage would be pretty much irrelevant but have overpowered it a bit here if some other method of damage calculation is needed. I have also modified the possible traits to help out a bit more and cover off the possibly to also stun targets:

    Accurate - 10% crit chance. Bit more help to put down targets in area
    Lucky - 20%. Bit more opportunity to dodge and so on when reloading
    Concussion - 60% chance to stun for a turn in this instance

    The number of RPGs that you can equip in your team should be limited to one so that you cannot have a full team equipped with them
  • jimmorrison369jimmorrison369 Member Posts: 2,073
    Insta-kill on target is gamebreaking. This just aint gonna happen.
  • bladgierbladgier Member Posts: 2,140
    > @ATLAS-Z said:
    > So I heard if you get 4000 summer tokens, there is a secret PLATINUM RPG you can unlock!
    > No no, it's not any better. Sucks just as hard. But it's platinum!

    I'm ready for my Platinum RPG, send it over.
  • mack22mack22 Member Posts: 1,301
    I don't even care about all that, I just want it to have oh let's say a 50% chance to ignite outer targets.
  • MaebalzurakinMaebalzurakin Member Posts: 50
    Unlocked it today, last day with 3001 tokens. I already knew that I would never use it, but I just wanted to finish the challenge since I have been working at it so long.

    It seems like a much lesser version of the Rekonin jug grenade the Rufus came equipped with. That can be used every turn and lights things on fire. It also has a charge attack. I loved that weapon, but mine got auto scrapped when I wasnt paying attention.

    What the game needs a LOT more than an RPG fix is an ability to boost the level of unique weapons or always have unique weapons tied to the level of the person they are unique to. In this case Daryl. Even if the RPG was a good weapon, by this time next year nobody will be using it because survivors will have increased to level 26 or 27.
  • MetalMetal Member Posts: 492
    How can NG not patch this gun immediately after all the time everyone just put in, just buff it not a big fix, what a let down
  • 012_man012_man Member Posts: 32
    I honestly think the RPG is an embarrassment and surprised it did not receive a buff in the update. Without trying to be dramatic, it is the worse weapon in the game and does not even have a single quality use (other than as someone said, blowing up someone so the zombies would eat him while everyone else escapes).

    Simple buff.
    - Everything in the blast radius is the equivant of a regular bullet (I.e. no body shots on a level 21 no name).
    - 4X damage on central target with no body shots.

    This will still make it so we are trying for critical shots which could do the 60k range. still would take a lot of luck to kill the big 300k hp fatties on the distance.

  • hunter_xhunter_x Member Posts: 388
    Charge attack or no waiting for reload
    Otherwise it's just useless in mission but looks cool on loading screen
  • OohbabyOohbaby Member Posts: 48
    Me no like. Figured this was the missing piece to the distance hard mode. How can anything survive an rpg direct hit??? Omg. Definitely not using.
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