Need Scout Suggestion Too

After posting help in another Scout thread, I need to ask for help on my own team. The other thread was easier to me since that person had scouts with decent traits and mine...I'm not so sure of. I believe I know the answer and it's likely not good. But, I have 4 scouts and am wondering which, if any, I should proceed with upgrading.

I believe I will continue to level, but not add any tokens to Roberto. He will be my one and done striker in the Distance when I need large amounts of damage and with Strong, Ruthless, and Retaliate, he should do okay as one of the 3 I will likely need.

Rusty was my pick to level...if only he had Strong instead of Vigilant. Then along came Lewis, with Strong instead of Dodge...another likely compliment to Roberto. And lastly, Victor. Likely I will be scrapping him, but he came up as a 5 star when I got him, so keeping for now. Thoughts?
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  • aaxt555aaxt555 Member Posts: 120
    I think Victor is your best Scout. Take a hit with Def Stance, then major damage with Ruthless and Power Strike.
  • nilepeznilepez Member Posts: 778
    To tell you the truth on the higher levels I use Jesus and a couple of scouts with threat reduction and dodge never works. It’s more important to be able to kill the walkers. Usually I try to line up hitting a couple with Jesus and finish them off with the scouts to get the threat reduced. I think I would work on Lewis first. Power strike on a scout is tough, it doesn’t work if you move. It can help against the fatties to get that single star as long as you have antistun armor but I like the other two better.
  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 2,189
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    Oh how different this discussion may have been if Victor had iron skin rather than defensive stance. He'd still probably be my pick of the bunch. If you got him to 60% DR from badges/armour, defensive stance would bump him to 80%. He wouldn't need a tonne of crit damage badges as he would get enough from power strike/ruthless. Dodge is really important at high level, dodge/lucky on both survivor and weapon bumps it up to 40-45% so it's triggers much more often if you have that.
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