NML Hall of Fame - Stelio

As part of "NML Hall fo Fame", I proudly present you one of the nominated players: Stelio!

"I'm Yannick, 33 years old from Paris where I'm an engineer in a capital market software company. I like travelling and I'm a DJ at my free time.

How did I come up with my nickname? Well...

I downloaded it one month ater it was released and I really enjoyed the history mode, that's what got me hooked. I started playing the challenge once I joined my first guild "Twenty Alive" for above 2 months. After some drama there I decided to leave and started a small guild that eventually merged with French Squad in June 2016 and I've been there since then. We started with 30 members and we grew fast to become the most important French community with 6 guilds.

Most memorable NML moment is something that almost made me quit the game but that turned out to be a necessary evil: the luck + dodge nerf. Back in the day you could stack luck and dodge and probably bullet dodge to build a super Nijas team that could just slalom between walkers and avoid bullets like Neo. I mean check these videos, it's just ridiculous now lol.

Back in the day when NG took that from us I was so pissed but with some hindsight The game was just a dodging contest. Changing that opened room for more strategy.

My three favorite characters:

- Sasha! She rules this game by far if you like high level missions ! I badged her defensively and I can afford a few hits at extreme levels.

- Sexy_termi: I adore melee and I'm a big sentimental. She's my 1st legendary survivor and she could dodge everything back in the day :) I named her after Termi because she rocks and she's sexy. I also badged her defensively because that's the only way I can use melee at high level.

- Cherokee: She may be old and uggly but she's a badass! She's full offensive shooter and can one shot a level 31 tank with a charged attack. I bagded her with on critical chance to boost sure shot trait, which is perfect with a long range gun. 3 destructive badges because she almost only does critical hit. 2 damage badges to boost a bit her power.

I'm honored to be considered an nml HOF. I know I'm not really chatty here on the forum but I'm alway available to help anyone on Line and YouTube(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAO3jKD8wgyUIFHxw-mLctg) where I post high level challenge videos as much as I can. I'll also be doing a tour in the comming months so feel free to send me an invitation if you can make a spot for me in your guild.




  • donald6283donald6283 Member Posts: 276
    edited September 2018
    wtf?!those dodge videos deserve mc hammer in the background- cant touch this 😂😂
  • StelioStelio Member Posts: 45
    haha @Movado Stelio and Luis song is definitely awesome :smile:

  • I_Am_PsychoI_Am_Psycho Member Posts: 1,431
    You DJ in your spare time? You HAVE spare time? :p
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  • TricksterTrickster Member Posts: 13
    There is a moment in the path of each nml player where you feel proud of the score you are making. At that point, a guild mate tells you: "pssst, Stelio is at (ridiculously high)k so far". Well, it's still friday, I'll find an anxiolytic somewhere.
  • Conan1976Conan1976 Member Posts: 758
    Nice interview!!
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  • TroublemakerTroublemaker Member Posts: 1,459
    Best nick in the whole game @Stelio !

  • enigma12enigma12 Member Posts: 247
    @Stelio, you have my favourite name in the game and I always hear the ‘stelio’ song when I see your name, which is often! Congrats!
  • tinytuna007tinytuna007 Member Posts: 337
    @Stelio congratulations my friend <3

    We've had many good times in this game together and I hope that we will have many more!

    No one deserves it more than you!
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  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 2,662
    Congrulations! @Stelio

    It's crazy to see these old school video's, I understand why they nerfed lucky and dodge. I can't believe how many freemen used to be on the delivery man map too! Your video's have been hugely helpful for anyone like myself wanting to reach high levels :smile:
  • AndriusAndrius Member Posts: 783
    One of the best player around!
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  • 1Ris1Ris Member Posts: 189
    Not only are you a great player but you’re an amazing human being @Stelio . You have not only helped me personally but also my guild members in HH with videos, advice and strategies.
    Even tho the HOF has received a negative rep, you being nominated is absolutely well deserved.. regardless of what anyone says!
    Eres increíble mi amor ;)
  • WeekOneWeekOne Member Posts: 1,195
    @Stelio .... I have been watching you for quite some time and you are a beast my friend.

    Keep Slaying!

  • StelioStelio Member Posts: 45
    Thank you all guys for your kind words !
  • StelioStelio Member Posts: 45
    @1Ris sunshine, thanks for that awesome comment, especially the Spanish part o:)
    Tu es adorable mon coeur.
  • PicPic Member Posts: 1,061
    Well deserved!
  • SlickRickSlickRick Posts: 2,731
    Congrats buddy!! If anyone deserved this it was you...very well deserved and keep rocking it!
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  • MischaMischa Member Posts: 87
    I had the pleasure to play with Stelio this week in Deadly Alliance, check the leaderboards, we rocked it. This guy is amazing, while others get most of their stars in the first days and struggling with the later levels, Stelio is like a tank, pacing the challenge in the same constant speed and gets crazy scores, every week. I also learned a lot from his videos, thanks for this!

    Stelio, congrats!
  • I enjoy watching your videos with the background music.Good work
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