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    @Governator the Eh Family has hosted a lot of different formats for the intraguild challenge. The last couple of challenges hosted lasted over a four-week span where each team competed head-to-head with one winner at the end of the four weeks as @JayZ just explained.

    We have 16 players who will volunteer to be a team captain. A draft list will be provided with all of the players that are participating. The draft list will include the camp level and a 3 week average for each player. Usually there are 15 to 20 players for each team.

    However, because we are anticipating a much larger number of players and more visitors participating in the next challenge we are changing up the format a little. We are looking at the next one to last over at 5 Week span. Although we are still working on the details of the format, I can tell you that it will start with the challenge that starts October 17th. Because it will go through the Halloween holiday the theme will be horror movies.

    Once I have a few more details I will start advertising for it. I will cast a wider net so that we can include more Guild families or single players that want to participate.

    But just to elaborate on one more thing that @JayZ said. Although we do have many Global players from different influential Guild families that do participate, players of all levels are welcome. Each team consists of players of all levels. Each team captain will take turns picking a player from the draft list. The visitors will be added the eh family Slack and we will have a designated Channel where the draft will be public. It will also be a lot of friendly banter, personal challenges between different teams or players and a lot of smack talk about who is going to win. Once you've joined one of our challenges you'll definitely want to come back for the next one

    Thanks for the response! I like the idea of expanding this to become a true community-wide event that everyone can participate in! You have made NML fun for several hundred players and I can only imagine what could be if we were to expand this to the other 99.999% of the player community. Kudos on the recognition of your intraguild efforts!
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    @Governator I can read between the lines and your intended sarcasm is not missed by me! I know that you feel that a lot of other great players are more deserving and I would agree with you. I didn't ask for the nomination and I was just as surprised as most of you were.

    That being said it was an eye-opening experience and I choose to walk away from this with the positive. I tried to create something that would bring Guild families together and create friendships. Something for people to have fun. Something that might Breathe new life into the game for some of the older players who are getting burnout. As with everything in life you learn from experience.

    I now see the opportunity to advertise to include even more Guilds or players that want to have a little fun. Not because I feel the need to live up to the nomination, but because it gives me the opportunity to spread a little joy to even more people. Maybe that will even include you!

    So the message has been received! We will be hosting a new challenge that will start in October and last over 5 weeks. I will be starting the advertising for that this weekend. I will include advertising on the Forum and Facebook more people to share in the fun.

    Thanks for your comments
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    @Riggs your kind words are very appreciated. Thank you!
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    The eh family is never going to find someone like you again, you are always doing things and helping people.
    For the people who do not know Tina : She's like the milk and sugar in your coffee, the whip cream on your ice cream, once you meet her you can not live without her.
    Congrats Tina and keep up the good work. ❤️
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    @Killergirl back atcha beautiful <3
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    Intra is life and without CherryBomb there is no Intra...therefore CherryBomb is life!!!
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    @Gwenny_Pants I think you're Crazy! :D :D :D
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    Congrats on your award Tina. We’ve been friends ever since DTP you’re one of my favorite people in this game. Also love the intraguild you do.

    - Scar
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    Thanks Scarface! It's always a joy having you participate! I love what you bring to the smack talk Channel <3
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    What a beautiful way to get to know you @tinytuna007 .... Congratulations, very well deserved.

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    Congratulations to @tinytuna007 for this award!!! She is an incredible person whom I am proud to call a great friend. There is nothing she will not do to help out new players, contribute to Eh Family, and increase guild family interactions across the entire NML community.

    I appreciate the time and effort of @Troublemaker and all the others to make this HoF happen and recognize all the amazing players inducted this round!
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    Congratulations. Idk you very well but your members speak for it self!
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    Dear @Bonaqua @David_H79,

    I have been told by multiple players that this individual engages in Account Sharing.

    I would like to report and request that NG investigate this allegation to prove or disprove it.

    My understanding is she uses her position as EH Family Leader to coerce and guilt experienced skilled players into completing her accounts higher level challenges and this has become her routine style of play going back months if not years.

    If the allegation proves true, (considering the fact she is a recognized leader in TWD community, Eh family Leader (multiple guild alliance), active participant in community events (NW USA Team), and sometimes member of Legacy EH (one of the highest ranking guilds on the server)) her condoning and active participation in account sharing to increase star counts has cheated the entire TWD community and should result in a permit ban on this player and her accounts (secondary account Atomic Blonde).


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    The dye is cast.
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    > @Jechum said:
    > The dye is cast.

    Is it red or green?
    "I always say, if you must mount the gallows, give a jest to the crowd, a coin to the hangman, and make the drop with a smile on your lips." -Birgitte Silverbow, The Fires of Heaven, The Wheel of Time

    "Death is lighter than a feather. Duty, heavier than a mountain." - al'Lan Mandragoran, The Great Hunt, The Wheel of Time
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    To be honest whatever color means I’m wrong but I’m not.
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    @TJS I personally would not have felt right if I didn’t give a way out. If you followed what I did... I was trying to give a way out. Also I didn’t know of the account sharing until after my first post. Initially, I wasn’t even sure account sharing was a violation of term of use... even in that thread some players raise questions about it.

    My methods may be wrong... but I didn’t have other players increase my star counts each week. I leave it NGs hands now... everyone has told me they will do nothing.
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    All of your statements directly contradict itself. You tried to give a way out, by saying if I play with You again I wont tell? Witch hunting and stocking And blackmail is exactly what your doing. You really want to go there and let everyone know why You were kicked out? But it was allowed to make everyone think it was your desicion. One is this exact reason. Starting unnecessary drama. All because your little boy feeling were hurt. I am not going to sit back and watch someone who has done So much and worked hard for the community get side railed like this. Grow up dude. Seriously.
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    I don’t have first hand knowledge... I have reported what I have been told.

    Based on that information she has been cheating for months if not years.

    It’s now up to NG. If I’m wrong I have a lot of crow to eat but if what I’ve been told is correct... she cheated every competive guild in the game, she cheated everyone who ever played in a community event.

    We will see... assuming NG even does something. Like I’ve said many time... I’ve been told NG will sweep it under the rug and/or do nothing.
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    Thanks for the advice... appreciated.
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