New outpost raid challenge/rewards

royzzzroyzzz Member Posts: 13
I like earning crates with outpost raids but I find myself thinking up new personal challenges such as completing the raid in under two minutes, completing before the warning, or with zero damage to my survivors. It would would be awesome if NG could mix it up a bit. Keep the crate rewards as is, plus add additional crate bonuses, radios, or components for completing the raid in under a certain time or for other accomplishments. It could breath new life into a sometimes neglected part of the game.


  • Big_Daddy_FatsBig_Daddy_Fats Member Posts: 21
    Love the idea, the outpost is so much fun. Incentives to both attract more players and reward those that do well in it should be implemented. Maybe not radios but I could see getting one or two gold or even 1 or 2 star components for successful defenses or full clears without being bruised. The timed is a neat idea as well.

    Wishful thinking and hoping.
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