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I'm surprised I'm the first to bust the secret - the best way to get an advantage in the outpost is probably to never add walkers. That way the attacker can't get kills for their charge attacks. Defenders and placement are also critical of course, but this has been more of a challenge than even level +1 tanks because those charge attacks are the biggest advantage of the attacker.

As-is, I rarely loose an attack and rarely win an a defense. I haven't upgraded recently because upgraded walkers pose little challenge to me and it would take a lot of crates to get walkers to my current level. Fairly predictable, but at least with attacks I have to stay on my toes. Maybe it changes in the Platinum tier, but I think this strategy is still the best.

I'm not starting over to take advantage of this though and neither are most of the rest of you, so have fun knowing something that you can't make use of :smiley:


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    Also, I think the amount of TG's you receive is tied to the amount and level of walkers of the opposing outpost. Whenever I'm raiding and I see a low number I almost always search for another! Saying that, I am glad for all of the people who's outpost is riddled with level 26 walkers I can farm for xp :smiley:
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    Not the first @tmaz and surely not the last. Awesome on the smart move...I have 6 lvl 4 regular walkers before I stopped wasting tg's on them...

    But good players can still beat your outpost, but it's a great strategy ๐ŸงŸโ€โ™€๏ธ๐ŸงŸโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐ŸงŸโ€โ™€๏ธ
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    tmaz said:

    I'm surprised I'm the first to bust the secret - the best way to get an advantage in the outpost is probably to never add walkers. That way the attacker can't get kills for their charge attacks.

    It's a well know secret then ๐Ÿ™€ because I was given that information not long after joining my guild. However I was a bit late to the guild game and had already pumped a lot of trage goods towards upgrading my little army of death, as I thought when I lost a defense I would also lose the Trade Goods. Seems that was the way it was in the beginning.

    Some in my guild told me, as I was only level 14 or so, just restart the game. Ah, nope, I left it stand. Later I found some folks will just take the TG's and move on unless you have a low walker count. There are some who will kill you out of spite for having no defenders for them to gain XP.

    Badges don't work in Outpost defense.
    Charged shots are never fired in Outpost defense.
    Logical movement does not happen in Outpost defense.

    So it seems it's a lose/lose/lose world when it comes to Outposts.
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    As I climb in the levels, I'm finding high level walkers and big walkers that eat lunch my before I can even get into the outpost. So I go into the outpost already wounded. Someone must have to play for a very long time to gather lethal walkers like that. It's a goal of mine to achieve this kind of level. I want to dominate this game.
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    I'll give only a few freebies, the rest you've got to figure out for yourself (a guy's got to protect his secrets).

    "Dine and Dash" players and how to goad them into fighting: You need to plug those holes so they can't easily get your TG's. Understand that when you do this these players will attempt to wipe you because to them you're the jerk (crazy right?). So be ready for a fight.

    The fight itself: Load your outpost with survivors that have retaliate, punish, revenge, etc..
    Think anything that lets you attack more often then you should. Dodge, bullet dodge and lucky are also fairly good if you want to play the lottery. In my opinion it's better than just trying to tank the enemy attackers (people tend to be strong and hit hard when you get above 5K)

    As far as I know its impossible to "one shot" a survivor. Meaning no matter how much damage you do you'll always need to hit a survivor two different times to kill them (I could be wrong on this but I've been playing over 6 months and never seen it happen).

    You can rename your defenders if they're not the ones from the show. Wouldn't you want to kill someone who's defender is named "YouWillLose"?

    Pay attention to how raiders act in game, that's how your defenders will act when you're being attacked.

    If all else fails and you don't feel like figuring anything out then just copy bases you have problems defeating.

    Obviously weapons, armor traits which characters are used, what map you pick and character placement are hugely important but that's all you get from me.

    Last tip and probably the most important one I can offer. Pray you don't encounter me in the outpost

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