Ultimate Challenge this week!



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    With the challenge reduced, more time will be left of the supply search mission, which will be essential with the new upgrade, as we will need to upgrade all buildings.
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    There's a common misconception that it's an end gamers vs mid gamer war. But really, we've got to end game and we know what it's like. We aren't selfish and only wanting change for our own benefit, it's for the benefit of the game because it's a broken system.

    Forget the elite, getting to RSL34-38 and higher, let's say you're an above average player who clears 33.3 every week to reach RSL34 and earn 12 round passes. You start at 25.1 and have to play 25 rounds to get to point you did last week. That's 150 missions costing 750 gas. The challenge runs for 5 days and within that time you accumulate 720 gas.

    So you're depending on gas in post mission crates, TG store, camp vids. This is also not counting any gas wasted whilst you sleep for 7-8 hours a night, or if you cant login every 4 hours. You have to choose between playing the distance and getting close to your max. If you're one of the more elite it's literally impossible without buying a gas booster. Next week we all need tomatoes again. There is a new upcoming game mode soon too which I'm sure will cost gas. There is more to this game than the challenge and scavenges. It's a broken system.
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    Yeah so basically if you want to get to the difficult and challenging missions you have to either open your wallet or buy gas for gold? All you mid gamers get to play the challenge to your hearts content, play the distance, maybe a few outposts for TGs if you need them, scavenge some tomatoes and don't have to pay for it. Yet the people who've spent time building up their team get hamstrung and can't play other game modes, and have to pay real life money if they do?

    We need 73 million supplies for the next upgrades. For a F2P person who wants to be competitive and push in the challenge, when do they get them? It'll take 4-5 months to earn that from farms if we don't have gas to scavenge. By the time they have enough for all the upgrades it'll be time for the next one :lol:. But what if they didn't have to spend every bit of gas on one game mode for 5 days out of the week that gives no supplies...
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    I’m hoping that once I’m not a “max” player anymore after the update, I’ll get more supplies from the challenge/wall. I hate outpost and scavenge missions. Oh, and I guess I’m well below “above average.”
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    Yes, exactly 'choice'. The challenge is arguably the best and most played game mode. Someone who can get to RSL33/34 or further, is part of a competitive guild and enjoys the challenge doesn't have that choice. I like having freedom to play the distance, if I need TG's I can do a few outposts and soon when I need supplies I can do occasional scavenges. However to get that freedom I have to either pay for it or just play the easy, boring missions and take a huge hit in the star count and give up the rewards from the challenge.
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    This UC is just as terrible as the others. I finished the challenge/hit my usual ending point on Thursday night and had nothing to do all day Friday except collect gas from The Herd. I am getting far fewer TG. I don't see these 'improved rewards' we're supposedly getting, and I earned 2 fewer round passes than usual.

    So I'm not seeing any benefit here for me. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one in this position.
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    @transmutejen I assume you bought a gas booster? If that's the case you could save yourself 2 quid! Wooooooo
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    Let's hope that it's the last installment of the Ultimate challenge.
    You stole my RP.
    You screwed me out of Trade Goods crates.
    Nobody likes this, so going forward, please pick one format and keep it that way.
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    For better or worse just run it again next week so we all have a more accurate feel to how it will pan out with less round passes....the first week was always going to be inaccurate.....then if needs be we all vote on it and majority takes it.
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    @jenng, isn't it the map set rather than the UC format which means you've got a difficulty you can't manage at an early RSL? I mean I'm not a fan of the UC either but if this was a normal week you'd still be tapping out at 27's as they haven't changed anything other than rounds per level in that respect.
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    I've been getting to 31.2 on recent challenges, this one I've got to 32 and just knee deep to finish the round. Horrible maps but not impossible.
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    I like the UC... finally no grind... and for the rewards.. who cares??
    Do we really need those xp, supplies or trade goods?? How many radios we earn in a challenge? 40? 24 Jesus tokens? :D:D ...well i don't care too much i only want to avoid grind...

    But i have a question. From now the grind is fixed and we will always start at a higher level? Or after 1 or 2 council upgrade we will be again at the same point playing too many rounds?
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    :| .........
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    @Jenng who? Me? 😁

    Jessica Alba mmmmm m drool
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    @jenng yeah I agree the format gives less rewards and as stated I'm not a fan and enjoy the challenge as it was. Just wondering about all the people saying they can't hit the usual RSL they do and questioning why that would have anything to do with UC (technically they should get further as have longer to retry the maps they are stuck on.) I see it's motivation for you and assume if you really tried you could hit your usual RSL. I've just got my 8th round pass and just moved onto 32 (my RSL I usually get to) I am also wondering if I should bother pushing for another round...
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    @Firekid Go for it! I found once I could clear a certain RSL, unless it was a really tough set I normally did the same or a little better the next week. If you clear 32 this week chances are you'll learn a few things and be able to do it again next week :smile:
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