cant reach exit!

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I'm not sure what challenge this is but, it had three humans in it. It was a reach the exit challenge and had an enclosed gated area and two entrances toward the walker area and exit pad. I opened up the shimmering gate doorway (usually means gate/doorway or box when it shines) and now my walkers can't pass through! Help!am I missing something?


  • Inthat pic both the gates look closed to me
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    Hey thanks for replying. I know, there is no way to open them because I already did and they are closed.
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    I guess I'll have to flee and report it, sucks....
  • I read that the gates close again by themselves after 4 moves or so and then they wont reopen
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    Really i8azmbe!? That's a new thing. I guess I'm screwed then, where did u read this?
  • I think in the bug section, i dont remember, similar situation im helping someone with now in the bug thread also
  • I recommend 2 hunters and 1 shooter, use two or three turns to kill walkers behind gate before opening, position both hunters at top gate, shooter at bottom gate, after the two or three turns, use shooter to open bottom gate then move your survivors in
  • Mmmmm I fell foul of this also! bug or trap???
  • Somewhat the same at a guild member: two guys on right side, one left on the left side. Doors got closed, no chance to open them again.

    @Teeceezy nice screenshot to explain the problem

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    Gosh I know! Good point Uk..If this Is this is a bug than I'd really wish they would fix it. I'm stuck in limbo.
    .Yeah I just read the other comments of this happening to others in the bug/issue and I hope the mod or devs explain why or what this is.

    I guess I'll have flee...sorry scout you gonna have to suffer the wrath of this crappy situation
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    @Zeena Did you open the gate and then it closed on you as @i8azmbe mentioned?

    Also, did you try force quitting the game and then going back in to see if you could open the gate?

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    Yes, I opened it and I could see the gate was opened and had an opening but my survivors could not go through no matter what.
    So then I closed the app and reopened it and then the doors appeared closed, so it closed it on me. BUT it was always closed even after I opened it, since I couldn't pass. This must be a bug
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    Hi Zeena. This happened to me earlier. Same issue. Tried to open the gates and it looked like they were opening at first but no one could get through. NG said it was a bug and they were going to fix it. I just kept fighting until a swarm of lvl 22 walkers finally got me. I don't have the problem if I only open the bottom gate. I have done that twice with no issue.
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    Thanks DC for letting me know it's a bug. The bottom gate is the gate that got stuck for me. So I'm just gonna avoid this challenge until I hear there is a fix for it. I don't wanna have to ti the risk of fleeing every time I play it.
  • @Zeena, @DCNats
    I figured out people problem with this, when you open one gate it actually opens both, so you can go through both, when at the other one if you drag til it says 1 turn it actually closes the gates
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    I had the exact problem. Look at the comment above my one then u gett the explenation xD but i think u just have to flee or get all your survivors killed to escape it. ☹☹

    And that's why walkers are dumb, not givin' a crap about anything.
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