Problem with Button pass turn

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Where: Distance, Hard option, eighth game
Chars: Tara Leader, Aaron, Carl
Description: When I press the option to pass turn and the walkers move (even next to the characters) the heroes do not shoot

I updated the game and use an iphone, I do not know if this problem is general of the whole game.

EDIT-1: I have played another game in distance, same problem with other heroes (Abraham, Rick and Merl). Sometimes they shoot, sometimes not. When they shoot do it to the most distant ones, they do not shoot to the near ones although they have them to shot


  • Camel56Camel56 Member Posts: 518
    Same thing on Android.
    When running distance, with plenty of walkers in range, overwatch is not letting all survivors shoot.
    Using Tara, Maggie and Abraham with no interrupt weapons in use.

    Sometimes, only 1 of 3 survivors shoot at in range targets. The other 2 survivors seem to be blind.

    This issue has already caused some damage on survivors that should have been protected by others on the team.

    This has to be a glitch in either the vigilant trait or in overwatch mode

  • MojakuMojaku Member Posts: 100
    For me it's a big problem, because it's my way of playing
  • Camel56Camel56 Member Posts: 518
    Glitch still exists while using overwatch.

    Tried different survivor combinations and found that only 2 of the 3 survivors will take action while in overwatch.
    To prevent the 3rd survivor from doing nothing, you should use at least 1 of the survivors before going into overwatch.

    It's a pain in the butt till this gets fixed, but so far It's the only way I found that gets around the problem.
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