Can NG talk to AMC about a show idea?

A bunch of CosPlay members all turned walker and we see them wandering around the streets in costume. As they start taking them down, they find a group of zombies dressed as zombie slayers and it throws the whole group into a 15 minute dialogue on the morals of killing someone/thing that is dressed as you are and lived a life of idle worship for the type of people you have become.

It could have a real moral story behind it and might help re-attract a cosplay fan group who all want to watch the show even more often to find out what happens to themselves.

Towards the end of the episode, they enter a city convention center and find signs all around talking about a great game where you are zombie slayers and work to build up a group of survivors who can outlast the epidemic.

Just think, a win for AMC and a win for NG.

Common, at your next meeting when preparing for the Monday challenge, I dare one of ya to toss it out and come back and let us know the reaction. Hahaha


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