Lost My Account!

Cupid_Stunt_01Cupid_Stunt_01 Member Posts: 2
I know there are other posts about this, but I've followed all the instructions and am no further forward. I had to reset my tablet at the weekend and my account seems to have vanished. I've contacted support and heard nothing back for 2 days ... does anyone know how long they usually take to respond.


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    Post for @zbot

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  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,909
    Thanks for the tag @AmBush .

    @Cupid_Stunt_01 has support responded? If not, PM me with your player name, player level, and Guild (if any).

  • Cupid_Stunt_01Cupid_Stunt_01 Member Posts: 2
    Managed to sort things - it seems my old iPad was still linked to my account. Apart from an automated reply, nothing at all from support for 4 days. Thanks anyway zbot.
  • KakashyKakashy Member Posts: 3
    Meu celular quebrou e perdi minha conta o nome do meu jogado kakashy nivel 20
  • elmaasheley147elmaasheley147 Member Posts: 6
    maybe 2 or 3 days
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