Show me your camp!

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I want to rearrange my camp but I am wildly uncreative. If you think your camp is fancy pants, show us!

EDIT: I love all of these. So much more creative and orderly and chaotic and awful than I expected!
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    This is exactly how I picture a refugee camp would be set up.
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    Damn @DBones that’s my camp. Why are you there?
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    My camp is the best... wanna see?
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    @DBones - Nice Camp, love the thought you put ito it, making it fun. I am more practical, log in, hit the harvest and off to missions...

    @Kasimir That is the best Lego model I have seen ever for walking dead! I am impressed, gonna show my 11 year and see if he can get on it, he only has 10,000 pieces!

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    I made it together with my 10yo son. Mostly spare parts (besides the sheridan and the camper)
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    Interesting screen shot. I've not seen the trophy icon before. What's that for?
    I'm also wondering whats behind the blacked out areas. :flushed:
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    What's up with the quads?
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    DBones said:

    I have long considered starting this very thread, as I put a LOT of thought into my camp setup. I tried to make it make sense from realistic, logistical, and practical points of view. As you can see, I've got the campfire more or less central to the tents - this is so my residents can stay warm near their respective "homes." The hospital is also there for the same reason - plus, doctors may need to cauterize wounds, so having an open flame nearby can be helpful. Behind the tents are the farms - this makes for a short commute to work....a REALLY short commute. It also allows me to tap all xp and tomatoes in a 3x3 grid for maximum time-saving. Council is on the opposite side of the farms, relatively isolated so as to allow for privacy for the leaders of the camp to have their important meetings. Memorial is placed in its own area, near the Council - the reasons it's near the Council are 1) to allow the leadership to be constantly reminded of what they're fighting for and 2) to keep it far enough away from the common folk so they do NOT have to be reminded every day of the horrors of the world beyond the walls, but still close enough where they can pay homage to the fallen. Storage areas run along the northwest border of the tents/farms/council, allowing fast and easy access to food and water for my survivors, whether they need to cool down during a rough day of tomato-picking, or maybe the council needs a good meal to put their thoughts together, or maybe Jerry just wants to emerge from his tent for a tasty midnight snack. In the northeast corner of the camp are the training grounds, workshop, and craftsman - these are kept away from the residential part of town because the grunting of training survivors, the clanging of blacksmiths working on weaponry, and whatever sound badge-making creates can all be really annoying from an audible standpoint (*Note: yes, I considered putting a storage or two in this area, but I just wasn't crazy about the aesthetics of it - so I just imagine that these areas have their own underground storage in the dirt space between them and the wall). Lastly, to the east, we have the "outreach" section of town - the radio tower, mission car, outpost, and scavenger - all of these buildings are meant to go beyond our walls, either physically (mission car and scavenger) or virtually (outpost and radio tower). These are placed to the east for easy access to our wall entry points, and also to hook up to that gigantic radio tower for maximum range when calling new survivors. Beat that, friends!

    Hey, I told you I put a lot of thought into this!

    that's very neat job
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