Update mess 1.7 - Thank you

We all know and have had some sort of major issue with the out house update. Many pissed off players. Loads of bugs and likely a billion new tickets created yesterday .

But Devs responded rather quickly and seem to be working on it! There is people providing feedback on here. In the past when I have had issues Support has helped me above and beyond.

So anyways Thank you for the help. I know of other TWD themed games that provide a level of support that is equivalent to what you find at the bottom of an out house.

PS also thank you for the gas update/compensation. I hope others join the band wagon on here.
When soft cap comes I quit the game.


  • OverwatcherOverwatcher Staff Posts: 49
    Thanks, much appreciated. We've worked around the clock to get the matchmaking fixed. We finally got to be bottom of things and deployed the last fix around 20 minutes ago and the system seems to now work as intended (very fast finding of opponents who can be attacked with >99% probability). Hope you guys have a blast now that we're actually up and running properly. :)
  • DeucesDeuces Member Posts: 55
    Ditto. Haven't messed with the Outpost yet, but am liking all the other improvements.
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