Can we please stop releasing new Heroes?

I have been playing this game since May 2016. I'm at L69, presently upgrading the Council to L24. Before Heroes were added to the game I had 18 Survivors (3 per class), all 5* or 6*. Now, I have 43 combined Heroes and Survivors (including Riot Glenn). That's a ridiculous number of characters to upgrade at 2.72M+ XP each, not to mention providing gear for them at 2M+ XP per item. And there are still 2 more "enhanced" heroes to unlock.

I'm a fairly active player (avg. 750-850 stars per challenge), but even so there just isn't time to raise enough XP for everything. As it stands, Only 24 of my 43 characters are at L24 (a dozen are still at L21-L22). Even less of my gear is maxed out at L27. And now I get to try to upgrade everything all over again to the new ceiling of L25 characters and L28 gear. That's fine, but not if I'm going to have to out fit another dozen enhanced Heroes in the future, too.

I'm not about to retire my Survivors. In every classification but Scout, they're my best (or even top 2) fighters. All are at least 6* (with a few at 7*), while the Heroes are about half 4* and half 5*, with a couple of 6* and Riot Glenn at 3*.

Unless NextGames plans to increase the amount of XP a high-level player can obtain there is no way for me to get (and keep) everyone and everything upgraded.

I was getting ready to reduce the number of Survivors I had when NextGames came out with The Distance. It turned out that having more units was advantageous, so I held onto my Survivors.

Now I'm thinking about doing away with most of my gear and keeping just 6 pieces per class (3 weapons and 3 armors) and just swapping them among the characters being used in any given mission. That would save an incredible amount of XP, because I'd only have to upgrade 36 pieces instead of the present 86 (90 once the other two enhanced Heroes unlock). But I can't even do that until I know how the upcoming Guild Wars will work.

Will it be a Top 3 or 5 or 10 units from each guild member against a like number from members of another guild? Or will it be all characters of all players in a guild against the entirety of another guild's units? If the former, then I can strip down to just the best few items of gear and upgrade them to the max. If the latter, I'll have to keep upgrading 85-95 items (along with the 43+ characters). That makes a big difference in how I allocate my XP.

Having more new enhanced characters released in the future will make upgrading even more necessary, but even more difficult to do.

But then, I suppose NextGames is counting on that, so the big money players will (have to) spend more money to keep up. Those of us who spend little or no money will get flattened in the guild wars by those who spend a small fortune. (So what else is new?)


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    I agree, with the double token hero calls it's not too difficult to get a new hero up to scratch if you save your radios long enough. I'm excited for new heroes, it should give new options in the challenge and the distance rather than the usual Sasha/Morgan/Michonne/Abe and 2 others.
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    I don't mind the introduction of 'new heroes'.

    The only problem I have is the means of acquiring them. The more we add the harder it is to get what we need from radio calls- and means to actually target select gathering them.

    In other games I play, this isn't as bad of a problem because they have specific sources of farming them. It's still bottle neck by energy/gas cost or whatever it is to farm those node. So the developers make money in energy/gas refreshes. And there is a limit to how much you can do for free each day- you have to pay to refresh for additional farm attempts per day, with refresh scaling up each time you spend. Which I'm okay with that as well.

    In this game, most of it is heavily driven by Radio calls. Too much of this game is trying to be like Road to Survival walking dead with their gambling wheel. Radio call the gambling wheel basically. While other games have similar gambling wheel or radio calls or packs or whatever, they at least offer farm locations. And thus more heroes actually help them make money because its not possible to collect all the various nodes for free in a given day. You have to choose which nodes you farm. With so many nodes and so many heroes it will take years to gather as a free to play. Since there aren't enough heroes here - it might not work out the same. BUT - the could do something like reducing the reward amounts to 1 token or 2 tokens. and leave radio calls to be 32+.

    1 or 2 tokens farming can be very slow. But at least it's something to do.

    My suggestion is to open up the story mode again as a replay area of the game. Have various nodes drop hero tokens (1 or 2). Charge like 2-3 gas per node run. That to me seems reasonable. Each node can only be played once a day. With some refresh cost of 30gold scaling up each time like how you buy them in the shop.

    Similar season missions can be done the same way. In season missions, you have the first 2 missions - and the last mission is much harder currently can't be replayed at all. open those missions up as a possible node farm. Can only be farmed once a week like how it is done when it was first introduced.

    This way- free 2 play users can have some sort of small means to gather tokens (will take a very long time to do) But at least its something for those who are missing a few shards or those who are just focused on specific heroes and getting bad luck with radio calls. It's small progress.

    Gambling wheel is there- Radio call basically as usual for those whales who have money to just keep blowing.

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    I can't believe you kitted out all your survivors with unique weapons and armour! I do 2 maybe 3 per class as don't think I've ever taken 3 of the same class into any mission. Yes I have to swap but at least I know I have the best possible stuff on them. You must have also made a ton of XP from double scrap events each time you've levelled up which should of helped a bit? You say you keep a large roster for the distance but having over half of them at 21 can't be helping that much? This game would get so stagnant if things hadn't changed from when you started playing I'm sure you'd have left by now.
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    Thanks for the replies, guys, but you've misread or misunderstood some of what i said.

    I never said I was against council/people/gear upgrades. I'm all for that. But it's getting ridiculously expensive in XP to have to upgrade dozens of Heroes (and Survivors). We have plenty already. How many dozen Heroes do we really need? It's not like we can retire any of them.

    As for the Hero token dilution, I get plenty of Hero tokens, but some of the Heroes (The Governor, Jerry, and Eugene, for example) seem to have a lot fewer tokens available to get than other Heroes. I went more than a month recently without getting any Jerry tokens. During the same period, I got dozens, even hundreds, of tokens for some of the other Heroes.

    There's is also the problem of badge dilution. There are only so many Epic and Legendary fragments and components available due to the low odds. The more Survivors and Heroes you have, the more Rare or lower badges you have to use, due to the shortage of better badges (not to mention the ridiculous overabundance of Crit Hit badges crafted), which weakens your overall "army".

    Also, I never said "more than half of my roster is level 21". I said "Only 24 of my 43 characters are at L24 (a dozen are still at L21-L22)". Of those dozen, 7 are L21. Seven of 43 is only about 16%. But even the L21 and L22 people are useful in The Distance, in two ways.

    1) I have a L21 and a L22 Hunter and a L21 Assault that I use in the first two or three missions. By using "disposable" units in the early rounds, I eliminate any risk of the top units getting wounded in the early rounds. (Granted, the wounds would be light from L17-L20 walkers, but when my L24 units are fighting L37-L40 walkers, they need all the health they can get.)

    2) More importantly, when I'm in the later missions, I eventually reach a point where I'm out of most of my top units. To preserve the top units I have left for later/harder missions, when I'm in a mission where I've killed most of the walkers/raider, but there are still a few left to between me and the exit, I'll use two low-level units as bait and a third as a runner. I'll send one or two to one side of the screen to distract the enemy while I try to slip the other other one or two by on the other side of the screen to reach the exit and unlock the gate. This doesn't always work, and even if one reaches the gate, they frequently get killed before they unlock it. Sometimes it takes two or three attempts before I can unlock the gate and escape. The low-level units that aren't good fighters (especially scouts, with their long range) are ideal for this use so I don't lose any of my better units. There have been missions where I've ended up using all of my units by the last mission, finishing with one or two seriously wounded ones.

    And, of course, I'm not keeping the L21/L22 units there on purpose. It takes quite a while (and tons of XP) to upgrade 43 units. I had just started upgrading my units to L23 when L24 units opened up. So then I worked on upgrading L22 and L23 units to L24. That put upgrading the L20 and L21 units on the back burner. I'm in the same situation now. I'll definitely want to upgrade my L24 units to L25 before I get around to upgrading the L21 and L22 units.

    Releasing another 5 or 10 or 20 Heroes will make it even harder to get every unit upgraded and outfitted with high-quality badges. That's why I say we have more than enough Heroes already.

    And, yes, I'm embarrassed to say it never occurred to me until a few weeks ago to only use a few pieces of gear and swap them among everyone in the class. The previous games I'd played that had guilds didn't offer the option to swap equipment. Every unit had it's own. So when I started playing this game I didn't even think about that possibility.

    Until we know more about how Guild Wars will work, I'm reluctant to sell any of the gear. If it works by having each player pit their best 3 units against the best 3 from a member of another guild, then fine, I can sell off most of my equipment. But if it's the best 10 or 20, or one player's entire "army" against another, then we'll need as much good gear as possible and two or three per class might not be enough.

    In one of the games I played, one player in a guild would attack another and the two players' best units would duke it out. One would die and the survivor (with all injuries carried forward) would attack the other player's second best unit. Then that survivor would attack the other player's next best unit, and so on until one player had nothing left to fight with. Then the winning player's guild would get a point for the win. (A loss would give the other guild the point, so it was important to figure out how good your chances were against a particular opponent before deciding whether to attack them.)

    In that sort of guild war, the more high-end units you have, and the more good gear, the better you would fare. If that's the case, I'll definitely hang on to my gear.

    They may not do it that way here, because many players, like you, would only have a small amount of gear to fight with. On the other hand, they might do it as a way to get the pay2play players to spend big bucks to equip their units quickly. If you have, say, 30 units and only 12 weapons and armors, you wouldn't want your other 18 units to have to fight unarmed, so of course you'd have to acquire gear for them, via either drops or purchases, and then upgrade them as quickly as possible. That means big bucks for NG, so I wouldn't biiiiiiiiie surprised if they do it that way.

    We shall see...
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    ErmonDax is quite passionate about this game... his efforts show in his writings...

    Errr, Ermon... the dynamics of the game are, “ new & inproved “

    Ummm... not gonna change...

    Errr... Ermon, enjoy killin da dead...

    Oh yea... I had a nice nap..........
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    The new heros will come in at your highest survivor level so no wasted XP as long you don't unlock until you have 1 level 25. You should have abundant XP now you're not upgrading too much equipment. When guild wars is announced and if you can scrap your useless gear wait for a 5 second survivor upgrade and buy a double XP booster, scrap your stuff and you'll probably be able to get everyone up to at least 24 I reckon.
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    TJS said:

    Well I just wasted 3 mins of my life....

    I get your point about dilution of hero tokens but there are 3 new heroes, each currently with their own special call so atleast for now there is no added dilution. ;)

    The dilution is because there are more heroes now, but no more opportunities to get hero tokens than before. So, if there is one radio call per day (normally) but now 26 Heroes instead of 23, there are fewer chances to get tokens for each one, especially for those Heroes that can only be obtained through radio calls. (2X tokens help, but only if you get lucky and hit on that particular Hero that day.) And I'm guessing that these three enhanced Hero units won't be the last. Do we really need two of each Hero (46 total)? Not to mention any brand new heroes based on future TWD episodes.

    Clearly I'm flogging a dead horse here, but I'd rather see enhanced Heroes instead of new ones. Maybe the option to replace a specific trait with a specific new one (perhaps L5 Razor for L5 Sure Shot or Marksman). Not for free, but not ridiculously expensive either. Say, 2M-3M XP, and limited to one trait upgrade per Hero (and maybe even Survivors).

    Even if we keep releasing new Heroes I still like the idea of being able to replace existing traits with other/better ones. Or maybe enhancing existing traits--not increasing the chance from xx% to something higher, but rather adding something else to the trait. For example, if the trait currently is for +40% odds of a crit hit, maybe upgrade the trait to +40% crit hits AND +40% odds of getting a charge point or action point, or some other combination.

    Just a thought.
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    That poor dead horse! Don't you think it's had enough?! 😜
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    Flatulent person
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    Hey, food's in short supply in Alexandria, and horse meat is tough. You have to tenderize it somehow...
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    Hi all,

    Maybe a hero “parking” or block again help us....
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    Does anyone has idea when scavenger Rick will be farmable I am only level 32 and have all the heroes except Jerry the governor and the two new Heroes and I just unlocked Merle and Sasha this weekend it seems this weekend's Halloween pack gave Merle out a lot yesterday I was very happy about that I think that is a great idea at this point it seems like we don't need regular characters you can use all heroes it's like they're going in that direction once they got the rights to do it they're changing the game to that anyone think that's right in a way? By the way scavenger Rick? Again so when can we get in :-) sorry for poor punctuation I did voice type
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    @Darthspeedforce Good god man, has someone stolen your full-stop key? :lol:

    By scavenger Rick, do you mean the new survivalist Rick? Painwalker posted a video about him yesterday saying he was coming soon, everything he's posted a video about lately has appeared in the game the same/next day so I think he could be in a radio call today.
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