need help killing lvl 37 raiders in the Distance.

ive tried everything. my best damage comes from Daryl, CC badges and RPG. usually 21K w Aaron in lead. my shooters can also get 20K. i set them on fire, but die in 2 shots from the 2 raiders. my scout can do plenty also, rick follow up. but again, no chance because the red health do over.

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  • bladgierbladgier Member Posts: 2,134
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    In the current map set you don't kill them, let walkers do it.
    Get a bruiser and assault and hunter with incendiary.
    Stun them for as long as you can and set on fire ASAP.
    Walkers will do the rest.
  • imacharlieimacharlie Member Posts: 138
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    i appreciate that bladgier. thx. looking fwd to trying that. that map has ended quite a few of my distance attempts.
  • 012_man012_man Member Posts: 32
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    I stun the bruiser and if lucky, another raider and kill one raider (generally the shooter) and then sacrifice a guy. Return and kill the scout (if you didnt kill it the first time through).

    The bruiser is rough. Sometimes I will go in with a bruiser and 2 charged shooters, othertimes I go in with 3 stunners and let the zombies do the work.... sometimes I lose 10+ guys
  • PicPic Member Posts: 1,061
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    Set fire stun and get to the other side of the map. Once on fire if they struggle with a Z it will be a 1 turn struggle.


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