I hate NG's programmers!

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Occasionally I get lazy about selling off excess gear inventory (or I'm waiting for the next bonus period for selling them) and I exceed 300 items. Then the game automatically sells off the excess. This would be fine, except for one major problem with how the game picks which items to sell.

Back when I used to keep all of my units equipped with gear at all times, the sell off didn't hurt me because only unenhanced gear was "exposed". But now that I'm keeping the gear unloaded except for the active units, it killed me.

I have some L22 and L23 gear lying around unused, and I have some fully upgraded L26 and L27. When the sell-off occurs, either it's completely random, or it starts at the top rather than the bottom. As a result, a week ago, when a sell-off occurred, and then again later that day, the game sold off at least half a dozen fully upgraded L26 and L27 weapons and armor, and left unenhanced L22 and L23 gear alone. It even sold off the Legendary RPG I worked all summer to earn.

That cost me tens of millions of XP and left some of my units with gear only partially upgraded to L24 and L25, instead of the L26 or L27 gear they had available before.

This is unacceptable. With guild wars coming soon, I need all the L27 gear I can get, and having the game simply discard it, rather than the lower-level, unenhanced gear, is criminal.


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    Call it what you like but it's always been the same.

    All gear Rare and below will be auto-scrapped if you have more than 300 items. (Upgraded or Not)

    It says clearly in-game that the maximum is 300. Be thankful that you can hold more Epic & Legendary gear. Gear equipped to a survivor will also not be auto-scrapped, even if it's rare or below.

    * To add as your RPG was legendary it's not possible it was auto-scrapped. Maybe you mean your Rare RPG.
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    It wasn't Rare equipment that was scrapped; I don't use anything less than Epic. It was "unloaded" Epic and Legendary gear, upgraded to L26 or L27 that was scrapped, and a bunch of them, not just one or two. They're simply gone, and I certainly didn't accidentally manually scrap half a dozen or so L26 and L27 pieces of equipment.

    Maybe it's not designed to work that way; maybe it's a bug. (I've certainly run into enough of them over the past 2 1/2 years.) Either way, the gear is gone. And it's not the first time I've had upgraded Leg/Epic gear get scrapped. It's happened at least twice before in the past year, just not to as many items as this time.

    Don't get me wrong. I love playing the game, but stuff like this really makes it harder than necessary.
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