Upgrading item from lvl17 to lvl20 cost

So here are some numbers for upgrading Legendary items. Epics and Rares will be slightly cheaper.

17->18 = 525k xp
18->19 = 699k xp
19->20 = 909k xp

Total cost 17->20 = 2,123,000 xp

This can be also done with 15k gold which comes up to £88.

This just does not look reasonable. I am happy to throw some cash on upgrading buildings or finishing things up earlier. Its reasonable value for money, but throwing £90 on 1 item that will be obsolete in month time? I cant see it being good deal for anyone.

Another thing is my rifle is currently on lvl19 I spent almost 1,3mil xp on it and I an scrap it for... 11.5k.

Not even gonna go to the lack of time/gas for farming just now with outpost and 24/7 challenges...

I think from non-spenders point of view making xp purchasable for trade goods(like in beta) would be a good move
From spenders point of view the gold price for xp really need to be reduced
- ish


  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    It is sick as I mentioned it hundreds times but seems everybody are def. If we don't get back at least 30%XP from scrapping our fully upgraded gear then I don't see the future...
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  • atrainofficialatrainofficial Member Posts: 255
    obviously the best way about this is to lower the cost of gear and survivor upgrades.

    there are also some other methods to help us out including:
    • more tents! we have 5 or so tomato crops to reach our million+ building costs, why not have more tents to reach our million+ gear/survivor upgrades? Or a better production rate for our current ones.
    • give us a better return for scrapping leveled-up weapons, especially ones we've max leveled.
    • there's been whispers of Full XP having been available during beta - BRING THAT BACK! or make it part of survivor bundles like Full Supplies currently is.
    I'm sure there are more options but those are what come to mind first. Thank you for your time!
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