Cannot Play The Game - It Is Stuck On Loading On iPad - Related To Rick Bug Temp Change Somehow?

PerdtinPerdtin Member Posts: 783
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Been playing the game for a bit today, grabbed a cup of coffee, then alll of a sudden I cannot play the game. It keeps on trying to load the game and fails with internet connection/server problem. It seems to be related to the Rick issue perhaps? Anyway my internet connection is fine. It is working with everything else. (And Rick is not unlocked for me, though I used calls to try to.)

1.) I restarted the game. It did not work.
2.) I closed out game and restarted the iPad. It did not work.
3.) I COMPLETELY deleted the game and reinstalled it. It worked. UNTIL the option came up and I loaded my saved game. Then the game would not work. The application was able to "speak" to a server after the Daryl screen to ask me if I wanted to load my existing Level 70 game. I did this step 3 two times.

Of course I decided to purchase boosters since I had time to kill and have them in effect now. :)


  • HypnoticSoulHypnoticSoul Member Posts: 5
    The same problem. I cannot start the game and I'm worring I would not be able to participate in NW starting today. I hope NG solve the problem soon.
  • imacharlieimacharlie Member Posts: 138
    same on my phone. reading, it looks like many are locked out.
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