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  • Avez_23Avez_23 Member Posts: 314
    215killadelphia is looking for 4 more players to round out the crew. We are flipping a board every 24 hours. We are looking for active players that want to have fun. Message me or just come knock on our door.

    Elder 215killadelphia
  • vincent8602vincent8602 Member Posts: 2
    we are in tier 9.3 challenge now, looking for active player to join us making history.

    Still an open group, join us if you are active enough.

    guild name : Winterfell (Wtf)
  • ErcciluvErcciluv Member Posts: 1
    Suomikilta (SK1) is looking for active finnish players. Tier 13 eli champion 2 menossa. 3 paikkaa auki. Vaatimukset lvl 13 ja aktiivinen päivittäinen pelaaminen. Tervetuloa!
  • red111red111 Member Posts: 391
    DoomSquad 3 currently has openings for active players. DoomSquad Family has 3 Our World guilds to fit all play styles from casual to very active. We offer a Facebook page for all our guilds to mingle. Are you stuck in an inactive guild? Bring your active friends along to DoomSquad 3. Please feel free to message me with questions.
  • deanrardeanrar Member Posts: 8
    Z reborn, active group looking for more active members to smash the next tier, mostly UK based but will a bit of international flair and plenty of flares going off, jump in if you can contribute, cheers for looking
  • Avez_23Avez_23 Member Posts: 314
    215killadelphia is looking for one more player. Active group with lots of flares. We are at the gold level. Just cleared our first legendary board. If you like to play this game every day, then come knock on our door. You can PM me to ask any questions. See you soon! 🙃
  • Avez_23Avez_23 Member Posts: 314
    215killadelphia is still looking for one more player. We are gold tier 10. Lots of flares and baits given out. Come join a really great group of people.
  • deanrardeanrar Member Posts: 8
    Z reborn up in to the gold tiers and guaranteed legendary cards and looking for some new players after having to loose some in active players, we're mainly based in the west mids UK but got some down south and a few internationals and have been a great group with flares and baits most days. If you think you can help, jump in and crack on, cheers for looking
  • RimanteRimante Member Posts: 1
    Righteous surviv (RSG) recruiting. Welcome all players all levels.
  • OneEyedOneEyed Member Posts: 2
    Join Oshawa Overkills
    We have a dedicated, daily playing core of survivors and are looking to grow our ranks. We are based out of Oshawa, but anyone anywhere can join so long as you contribute daily and remain active. Currently on Tier 7 bag, looking to push for higher bags.
  • deaddude722deaddude722 Member Posts: 1
    "The Chosen" (TCN) is looking for serious daily players to continue our progress. We are starting Tier 10 next week and onward. Our group is open to join.
  • StigmaStigma Member Posts: 1
    Tier 9 group named ZORT led by MJ. Looking for 8 or 9 active players to join our team. We care about each other, have fun, and work on challenges. Inactives get PURGED! Send us a message or just hop into our group on OUR WORLD
  • gleeglee Member Posts: 4
    inlandempirestar have 3 spots for active players. Low level ok, we will help become a STAR!
  • RubyVRubyV Member Posts: 1
    Recruiting players from Aus or USA for TWD our world game. Sheva's Legion (no1) Champ tier one..must be very active
  • KingKHillKingKHill Member Posts: 1
    KingoftheKill (KoK) is looking for some regular players. Me and my wife have literally single handedly got us to bronze 3. We need a few more players that play almost as much as we do to get us to at least gold.
  • wbkapfoowbkapfoo Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 2
    VegasOurWorld is recruiting active members only! Currently on Champion tier 13! Message me here or search us on the game and join! We have a requirement number of missions/kills to stay in the group. Great leader great players and full of flares!
  • gleeglee Member Posts: 4
    IES active group looking for 3 more active players

    Please join my group in TWD:Our World! Click here to join: http://www.thewalkingdeadourworld.com/guildinvite/?g=6087c215-1571-4158-a515-a5c52665cc6c&p=5b8389a4-4180-4080-b8d4-cbb755612194&l=en-US
  • xxwickedsweetxxxxwickedsweetxx Member Posts: 1
    Braindead Asylum is recruiting. We have 3 spots open currently on teir 11 board 2 of the challenges for the week. Looking for people who looking to grind out these challenges and improve their rosters! Please reply here or message me on line. ID: xxwickedsweetxx
  • SlashdotSlashdot Member Posts: 1
    Looking for members from all over the world for our German-based group Naumburger (NmB).
  • red111red111 Member Posts: 391
    DoomSquad Family currently has OW openings in:
    💀DoomSquad Family
    💀DoomSquad 2
    We offer a members only facebook to members of all three of our guilds. Join today!
  • deanrardeanrar Member Posts: 8
    Hi all, z reborn on tier 11 board 3 looking for a few good players to fill a few spots from a couple of players who became less active during and after Xmas so have said they can be replaced.
    we have a 2k minimum but expect 5k and I do weekly shout outs for 5k, 10k and 15k kills per week to keep everyone motivated and appreciate activity in chat.
    This is a worldwide group (but mainly UK) so getting on the board 24/7, if there's a small group looking to merge let me know and I'll talk to my group.
    We're a closed group so give me a pm or message on here and we'll sort something out, cheers for looking.
  • gleeglee Member Posts: 4
    Inlandempirestar looking for active players 3 spots open

    Please join my group in TWD:Our World! Click here to join: http://www.thewalkingdeadourworld.com/guildinvite/?g=6087c215-1571-4158-a515-a5c52665cc6c&p=5b8389a4-4180-4080-b8d4-cbb755612194&l=en-US
  • TheKingTheKing Member Posts: 56
    We are looking for two active players currently on tier 11 guild name is Apocalypse (615).
  • Lazybee3333Lazybee3333 Member Posts: 132
    Our clan is looking for 2-5 more to join us, must be lv15+ and active.

  • OWZACTIVEgroup37OWZACTIVEgroup37 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1
    I hope you find our group to your liking we just need more members for faster tier leveling currently 6/25 members.
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