I can barely play the game anymore very disappointed

There are so many problems. • Biggest problem since new update I can not play the game it keeps crashing every few minutes. It's so frustrating. • I can not play the outposts I have tried numerous times to no avail. 30 seconds into an outpost it crashes and asks to reload, then it takes me back to the camp not where I left off. • when I checked the outpost Log board it says I failed the missions I have tired 12 times now. I keep checking back to see if it's fixed. Funny thing is it shows I won 2 outposts even though I was kicked out from crash in 30 seconds every single time. • I used my 15 radios it gave me an epic hunter level 9-17 I accepted the person went into my queue I went to exchange the weapons from my stock the game crashed it rebooted and the epic hunter person was gone as were my 15 radios. • everyone in my guild is having the same issues and also having fuel disappear without using it. I can not play more than 1 min on regular episodes without crash oddly when it reboots on those I go back to where I left off... It's so crazy. I am about to give up all together it's so irritating the constant crashes.. I am on a iPhone or iPad it does it on both I checked. PLEASE FIX ISSUES !!! Please restore my epic hunter I lost that was the most disappointing of all, I have been trying for a hunter for about a month. The crashes are unacceptable I can not play the game.


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    Brutal.Sup with that @Teeceezy do the right thing.
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    I have 2 members in my guild too who are using Iphone and dealing with so many game crashes that they can't play at all and are very frustrated.
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    @jodi about the hunter, have another look in the radio tent. They usually (or sometimes) go back there on disconnect.
    If so, at least that's some comfort!
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    No they are not in the radio tent @JAG. Also it says now I'm not in a guild which I don't know what to to because it's my guild I'm the leader I don't know what to do. Still crashing go every few minutes. Also it keeps logging me out of here and of Facebook not sure if that's why it says I have no guild.
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    Help @Teeceezy I am the leader of my guild and it says I have 0 stars now and that I am not in a guild I do not know what to do!! This happened when I tried to play the game this evening!!!PLEASE HELP!! I somehow am not in my own guild "Knife Party" is the name of my guild I am the leader I have lost all stars and am no longer in the guild please help
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    @jodi I was having the same issues the first two days...connection dropped and I got failed missions without getting a shot off...so I stopped until the fix today...since then it seems a little more stable but I'm not taking chances...I reboot my game after each raid...looks to be working :)

    The guild thingy has affected everyone...my lil alt guild I couldn't send messages and my main guild we had lock outs for leaders and elders...think it's working now though...

    Maybe give it time and yours will come back too :)
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    This is what happens when updates or new products are rolled out without being thoroughly tested...same thing happens with Microsoft, Apple, Intel, etc...of course some companies are better than others but this is how it works with most anything technology related.

    I tried warning everybody in my guild not to do the Outposts for at least a few days because it was gonna be buggy...but just like anything you get those people that are so impatient and ADD they knowingly rush into a bad situation...and then they wonder why they're having problems lol
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    We're currently looking in to why guilds aren't visible to some players. Hang in there!
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    OUrs was down but is back up. At least for some of us, haven't heard from everyone.

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