New building: Armory

Tab 1("Disassemble"): Insert gear, gain 'Trait Tokens'.
Tab 2 ("Assemble"): Insert a piece of gear, apply multiple trait tokens into three slots beside the inserted gear. Press FORGE button. Same piece of gear comes out with the traits put into the slots, in proportion to the number of tokens and the inherent capability to have traits from the inserted gear.

In short: Gear crafting like badge crafting but not random... Just EXPENSIVE.

I just love this idea because I've been tempted to give my nerds matching gear, regardless of traits. With this (ridiculously difficult to code) addition, I'd stockpile gear with pretty meshes just to eventually give them traits that I use instead of scraping them.
Can I get a hell yeah from the Art Department?! :-)


  • ArtminiusArtminius Member Posts: 483
    By "the inherent capability to have traits from the inserted gear" I mean that one couldn't put a common into Assemble and add two traits: and one couldn't put a rare and make its traits silver, gold, gold.

    But ya put your favorite-looking gear, legendary, but with crap traits...
    ..and throw thousands of Trait Tokens into its slots... get your favorite looking gear with your favorite traits, without waiting on scrap and buy to win the lottery.

    (Yes, I'm up to date on the comic. Hence this post.)
  • ArtminiusArtminius Member Posts: 483
    Additional detail: disassembling yields no XP, only Trait Tokens.
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