Survival Instinct Activating w/ no Negan in Outpost



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    Based on your screenshot sequences, I think it can be explained. Upon opening gate, there's line of sight to Daryl, but Hunters don't have range to hit that grid outside gate (shooters w/extended-range, do). Later, that particular Daryl might not have Interrupt when it was your turn on the dash to tg's if you had shifted in & out of focus. Also, sometimes player line of sight isn't the same equivalent to range/awareness by a defender, particularly if opponent put them in 'stationary' setting contrasted with Offensive setting, and movements shifted. Now, there may be certain small bugged elements involved in the mix, but it doesn't seem Daryl was fully bugged in those sequences.

    Or, did I mis-interpret your post implication?
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    not to hijack the thread, but along the same line, the carl second chance ability showed up during one of my raids against a player with no shooters in his defender line up. The defender's name was "Camo". It showed up when I "killed" one of the assaults. can you please look into this? thanks kindly
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    @Shteevie look at the comment above.
    Remember to use your charge abilities
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    I have encountered this bug yesterday. Negan's skill affect all survivors without him join the def team :naughty:
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    I was striked by survival instinct too. There was no Negan on either side. Happened on monday(30.1.) but I was not aware of this issue so not tried to take screenshot.
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    @Shteevie maybe I have a way to reproduce this issue.
    I make 3-4 raids to gain more influence before the counter attack. ;)
    If Negan is the defender lets say in the first attack, then the defenders in the next raid also benefits from survival instinct.
    There is only one way to prevent, close the App and restart.
    I think with Rosita it's the same.
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    This is still happening on a regular basis for me.
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